Truck Driver Attempts to Rush Pregnant Woman to the Hospital, Then BLM Block The Road


Disturbing video shows a truck carrying a pregnant woman, in labor, to the hospital, attacked by anarchists on the way. A Black Lives Matter mob wouldn’t let her through their ranks and police don’t seem to mind one bit that anarchists used a California highway to hold a protest.

The truck had a determined driver

The child born on July 21 will appreciate the driving skills of his prenatal chauffeur for the rest of his or her life. A large crowd of anarchists decided to intentionally impede traffic in San Luis Obispo, California, including the truck driving the child’s mom to the delivery room. Laws are no longer enforced there, so blocking traffic on a highway is the latest way for the children of darkness to get their kicks.

Organizer of the riot, 20-year-old Tianna Arata, was part of a handful who managed to contact the occupants of the truck. “She is going to give birth. Get out of the road,” the driver reportedly yelled. Arata was caught on tape calling the woman “ignorant” for disrupting a BLM demonstration simply because she was about to give birth inside the vehicle.

The town’s mayor, Heidi Harmon, was present at the attempted truck hijack and even “joined the protesters in in the illegal activity.” So much for law when those who swear to uphold it are the ones to break it first. “photo and video from the display showcases the mayor among the crowd.”

More mob violence

The truck carrying the pregnant woman wasn’t the only victim of mob violence that day. Numerous vehicles were reported damaged, “in one instance a vehicle’s rear window was smashed and the glass had shattered on a four-year-old riding in the backseat.” The police even have video evidence of Arata violating the law. She “allegedly” used “a flag she hoisted to strike vehicles.” She may have been the one to shatter the rear window over the toddler but that’s still under investigation. The “flag” she was waving around as a weapon was upside down and tattered.


Thankfully, Arata was at least arrested for something. She’s charged with a bunch of things “related to rioting and criminal damage.” It’s not clear if any of that is related to the truck incident. Liberal activists are outraged and they consider her a political prisoner. California liberals are totally convinced that using the magic “Black Lives Matter” phrase is an excuse to commit any crime you wish. The state’s Highway Patrol actually dared to warn the anarchists to “leave or face arrest.” Fourteen antifa associates, including Arata, chose the latter and were arrested for “trespassing and failure to leave, unlawful assembly and failure to disperse after a warning.

San Luis Obispo County District Attorney issued a carefully worded statement about her arrest. He doesn’t want to offend liberals by prosecuting Arata even though others in the community, including the occupants of the black truck, want to see laws actually enforced and justice properly served. Dan Dow’s statement stops just short of endorsing the anarchy. “I know that many in our community are very interested in this situation. At this time, I would like to respectfully ask all who are concerned to please be patient and allow us to complete our duty in a fair, thoughtful, and thorough manner. Our obligation is to be objective and to not make charging decisions on the basis of public opinion.”


  1. Idioy Mayor, and cowardly District Attorney. And by the way regarding Obama as a SCOTUS, what a laugh. The man has absolutely no respect for our Constitution!

  2. It’s this type of idiocy that will cause DemonRAT politicians to lose in November!! The majority of the citizens are totally fed up with the chaos, violence, destruction, and downright EVIL of the liberal morons, including the “protesters”, media, politicians, and celebrities who have been causing chaos in the country!!

  3. Just proves that Democrap Prosecutors are mentally deranged. Then again, to be a Democrap, one has to be mentally deranged. Look at the pathetic crap that heads up their party.

  4. Liberal/socialist leaders had better realize that if they WON’T enforce the law, law abiding people will. Sadly that’d mean vigilante law with the lawbreakers being executed rather than sent to jail as they should be. No doubt liberals it would bring on their hoped for race and civil war.


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