Trigger Man Garcia Found Guilty In The Murder Of Beloved Florida State University Law Professor


Former Gang Member Sigredo Garcia,37. Found Guilty Of Murder Could Be Sentenced To Death

A jury in Tallahassee, Florida said that former ‘Latin King’ gang member shot FSU law professor, Dan Markel,41, in 2014. The case has been the subject of massive speculation and discussed on several podcasts and TV specials.

Garcia’s girlfriend, Kathrine Magbanua,34, was also charged in Markel’s death. Also a third man Luis Rivera,36, who rented a car in Miami and drove with his childhood friend Garcia, to follow and stake out Markel in Tallahassee where he was a law professor.

Rivera was offered a deal, he plead guilty to his part in the crime, and will serve 19 years. He testified against Magbanua and Garcia during their week long trial, their cases were combined and a jury decided both of their fates.

Magbanua a former ‘bottle girl’ at a nightclub has 2 children with Garcia and has been behind bars since her arrest in 2016. The jury was deadlocked on the charges against Magbanua, and a mistrial was declared for her.

The case was so confusing that pictures of the ‘cast of characters’ where hung up on a bulletin board for the duration of the trial.

Garcia Case – Other ‘Co-Conspirators’ Have Not Yet Been Charged According To The State Of Florida

Markel a Harvard educated attorney and law professor, was married to Wendi Adelson of Miami. Adelson comes from a wealthy family of dentists, and is also an attorney.

The couple married in 2006 and had 2 sons, now 10 and 11. They divorced in 2013. and the divorce was bombastic and nasty, the couple had joint shared custody. According to the state, they believe that Wendi’s brother, a dental surgeon Charlie Adelson and her mother Donna Adelson arranged the hit on Markel.

The co-defendant Magbanua dated Charlie Adelson and Garcia at the same time. The state alleges that Magbanua acted as ‘the middle man’ in the murder for hire plot. Wendi Adelson, testified at the trial and was granted full immunity.

She said she did not know who killed her ex-husband, but she did not do it. On the stand Rivera, said ‘the hit was arranged so that a lady wouldn’t lose custody of her two sons’. Adelson on the stand said her ex-husband threatened her about taking the children away ‘hourly’.

Many Legal Experts Believe That The Adelsons Will Be Charged With Markel’s Murder

After the July 1, 2014 murder, Wendi Adelson took her two sons from Tallahassee to South Florida, where her 2 brothers and parents live. She changed the last name of her sons from Markel to Adelson.

Rivera said that they made two attempts to kill Markel, the first a few months before the July 1st 2014 hit. The reason the first hit was not successful according to Rivera was because Markel always has his young sons with him.

The second time, they followed him from his job on the FSU campus, to a gym and to a day care center where he dropped his sons off. Markel then drove to his home where the gunman pulled up behind him in his driveway.

Garcia got out of the car and shot Markel point blank in his head, killing him instantly. The jury will be back on Monday to decide the punishment for Garcia which could be life without parole or the death penalty. Furthermore, Magbanua faces a status hearing on October 23 to determine what is next for her.



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