Trey Gowdy Gets Sh*t Canned, Immediately Lands Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Shakeup at Fox News.

Trey Gowdy
Photo via Hannity FB Video Screenshot

Trey Gowdy is out!

That’s right… moments after it became public knowledge that the former South Carolina congressman was joining Trump’s team as outside counsel, Fox News announced it was cutting all ties to Gowdy as an outside contributor.

Fighting the Impeachment

Gowdy, while not becoming an official member of Team Trump, will help fight this battle as a hired gun.

Trump’s primary personal attorney, Jay Sekulow, stated, “I am pleased to announce that former Congressman Trey Gowdy is joining our team as Counsel to the President.

“I have known Trey for years and worked with him when he served in Congress. His legal skills and his advocacy will serve the president well. Trey’s command of the law is well known and his service on Capitol Hill will be a great asset as a member of our team.”

Gowdy, as you probably already know, was vicious during his time as the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman.

Even though nothing ever came of the committee hearings (does anything ever come of a committee hearing?), most believed Gowdy exposed Hillary Clinton for what she truly is.

Better Representation

One of the reasons the Trump team is believed to have wanted Gowdy on the team was for better representation on TV.

While Gowdy will no longer be a paid contributor on Fox News, he will still be called upon during interviews to offer insight into the happenings during this impeachment process.

It is very reasonable to assume one of Gowdy’s main roles during this process will be to discredit the legitimacy of the House investigation. Specifically, to blow holes in just about anything that comes out of the mouth of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Gowdy has already started on that front, stating, “Bias kills investigations, and for anyone who wondered whether Adam Schiff could be objective or dispassionate — I never wondered that, but if any of your viewers did — now you know, he makes up facts in openings and he lies about meetings with whistleblowers.”

According to numerous reports, Trump insiders are trying to get Rudy Giuliani off the circuit as they believe he often does Trump more harm than good during appearances.

He has misspoken on numerous occasions and he has sometimes seemed a bit unprepared to face specific questions, something that is very unlikely to happen if Gowdy is turned into the point man for communications.

This is a major coup for Trump and a move that has surely added some digestive problems to House Democrats.

They thought they were rid of Gowdy when he retired, now they are going to have to face him in an arena of which he is all too familiar and regularly dominates.

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  1. I could not care less what FOX says OR does.
    Donald Trump is the BEST president I can EVER remember.
    Also, I’m a true-crime fan so I’ve admired Trey Gowdy fan for YEARS, long before he went into politics.
    BOOM! Gowdy in da room!!

    • You really should care what Fox News says or does because if it weren’t for them, the entire world would think President Trump is the devil himself! Most do anyway because they don’t WATCH Fox News to know the TRUTH. Most people watch the Leftard-biased arm of the Marxist main stream propaganda machine hearing absolutely NOTHING but their parroted lies about Trump & Republicans / Conservatives in general 24/7. Yes, they call him out on dumb things he does (especially spending), as they should & as you should, because he still human & still has some RINOs & some swamp creatures advising him on things. He’s not perfect, neither are any of us, but overall, the president has kept his word!

      All we conservatives have are Fox, BlazeTV, OANN & a few conservative websites, but Fox is the only MAIN network we have to inform the public of what’s REALLY going on & fight against the Leftard-biased networks all across the globe!

      • Sadly without the many “Useful Idiots” believing every word the controlled propagandists passes as news would be worthless/useless to their masters, just how stupid are these fools who believe the Coronavirus is Trump’s fault, as the NY Times put out. this “News” wasn’t meant for the informed, but for fools “Useful Idiots”

  2. I’m not so sure about Trey Gowdy. He talked a good game, but nobody went to prison while the Republicans had a super majority.



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