Trey Gowdy Breaks Silence, Makes Shocking Announcement

Trey Gowdy Breaks Silence, Makes Shocking Announcement

Former South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy has some advice for Joe Biden on how to start his goal of promoting “unity” in the United States.

Start with New York, Gowdy says. “Biden says he wants to unify the country and be the president for everyone. How about just start with people who died in nursing homes and their families in New York?” Gowdy said in a February 12 interview with Fox News’ Special Report.

Cuomo Killed People

At the start of the COVID pandemic, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a directive that was utterly indefensible: transferring COVID-infected patients into nursing homes. Instead of protecting the most vulnerable people among us, Cuomo put them in danger.

A report released by a senior aide to Cuomo shows that the governor and his team purposely hid coronavirus death data out of fear that it would be used against them by the Department of Justice. Now that the truth is coming out, it is obvious that the death toll is far higher than the Cuomo administration originally reported.

According to USA Today, the “true death toll of New York nursing home residents is around 13,000 people, as opposed to the state’s 8,677 figure.”

Gowdy’s Response

In the interview, Trey Gowdy’s advice for Joe Biden’s “big task” of uniting the country was to reach out to the most vulnerable people. Biden needs to get justice for elderly victims of Cuomo’s failure.

“Just start with the people who died in nursing homes in New York, Mr. President,” Gowdy said.

Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway also pointed out a serious problem: Cuomo’s “very bad policy decisions” related to COVID were celebrated by the mainstream media.

“This is really scandalous behavior, and it’s worth remembering that the media did praise him, giving him awards and putting him out there as one of the best governors for handling this. They should’ve been more critical as were many people in conservative media,” Hemingway said.

Despite knowing about his directive, the mainstream media, celebrities, and other Democrats cheered for Cuomo. They attempted to cover up his failures. Democrats never have to answer for their actions, as the left-wing media control the flow of information. It is surprising that this story even came out, but Trey Gowdy is right. If Joe Biden wants to unify the country, he should prove that Democrats aren’t always going to avoid responsibility.


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