Top House Democrats Blames Trump for Anti-Semitic Attacks

Angry Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of The White House via Creative Commons License

The anti-Semitic attacks carried out in New York were horrific and according to Democrats, they are all Donald Trump’s fault.

Rep. Eric Swalwell even went so far as to say Trump has NEVER condemned anti-Semitism…

Trump Is Always to Blame

Name a problem in this country or around the world, and Donald Trump gets the blame.

Damn the facts, the Democrats will tell you Trump is at the heart of all this evil.

The problem with their claims, though, is that they are all a lie.

How many times did Joe Biden claim that Trump called Neo-Nazis “very fine people” and that he encouraged white supremacy?


Only after he was called out repeatedly with the actual transcript of the comments did he finally stop.

Well, actually, he didn’t, he just reworded his attack.

It’s Just Fake News

Swalwell and the rest of these high-profile Democrats are just telling lies right now, but nobody but Fox News is calling them out for it.

Trump literally signed an executive order to address anti-Semitism, but Swalwell says Trump has never condemned this type of behavior.

Not only that, but on the day the Swalwell story broke, Trump has sent out this tweet…

Obviously, this was not the first time that Trump has condemned anti-Semitic behavior, but the media continues to allow these crooked Dems to make these bogus claims unchallenged.

Rashida Tlaib and Steve Cohen also blamed the most recent attack on Trump…

The real problem is that most people actually believe what these politicians are saying.

They don’t bother to research the facts and they will argue with you with their last breath that Trump is a bigot, a white supremacist, and an anti-Semite solely on the statements of these lying Democrats.

Here is something else Dems refuse to admit.

These latest attacks in New York City are being carried out by black people associate with the Black Hebrew Israelites!

They don’t even acknowledge that fact!

The ONLY way we will be able to end this is to flush D.C. in 2020. Drain the Swamp, except this time let’s finish the job!