Top GOP Pro-Trump Congressman Booted from Impeachment Hearing by Schiff

Adam Schiff

Just how far are Democrats willing to go to take down Donald Trump?

Based on the fact House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had Rep. Gaetz (R-FLA) removed from an impeachment inquiry hearing, I would say they are willing to push the limits pretty far on this.

Get Out!

Rep Gaetz is a sitting member on the House Judiciary Committee, a committee that is chaired by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and one that is openly involved in the impeachment inquiry.

This is relevant because is it not uncommon for members of committees to sometimes sit in and observe other committee hearings to hear testimony from witnesses they may not have access to otherwise.

The House Intelligence Committee was conducting an interview with Fiona Hill, Trump’s former Deputy Assistant.

Since his committee is involved in the impeachment inquiry, Gaetz wanted to attend the Intelligence hearing, but Chairman Adam Schiff had him removed from the room.

Schiff’s purpose here seems about as clear as day… to make it appear as though Gaetz was doing something wrong.

At some point, Gaetz will have access to the testimony anyway, so Schiff’s actions are political theater and nothing more.

Calling Out Democrats

After he was booted, Gaetz went public with the actions of “Shifty Schiff” and wanted to know what Democrats are trying to keep from him.

The sad thing, though, is the media is playing along with Schiff and acting as though Gaetz actually did something wrong.

Ruhle should be asking why Gaetz was prohibited from attending the meeting, not blasting him for trying to sit in.

Let me ask you this…

If a Senate hearing was taking place and a Republican chairman blocked a Democrat from sitting in that was on a relevant committee, how much outrage do you think there would be in the media?

That is the ultimate measuring stick if you think something was wrong or not.

For example, how much outrage do you think there would be if Donald Trump Jr. was appointed to a North Korean energy company board while Trump was still in office?

How much outrage would there be if one of the Trump children received a $1.5 billion dollar investment into an equity fund they had just created? The media would be off the hook, right?

So, why then is there no outrage over the actions of Hunter Biden? Why is everyone trying to make excuses for his actions rather than directly calling him on it?

The media ignores possible corruption and unethical behavior by a presidential candidate and our own government is now limiting access to elected representatives all for the sake of unseating Trump as our president.

Tell me again how this resembles the America our Founding Fathers had in mind when they won our independence from the British Crown.


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