Top 10 Best Trolling Moments When Phone Scammers Called These People


Each and every one of us have the same problem in common. Those unwanted trolling phone calls which you just can’t seem to escape, no matter how much technology you have to screen them out and useless government no-call regulations. Most just ignore them as the price of owning a phone these days while others fight back. Here are some of the staff favorites which popped up recently. Then, there’s always the old standby of answering the phone, “Meow.”

Trolling the trolls

Comedian Joe Heenan got the ball rolling with a post about how he deals with the trolling calls, generally by pretending to be “an old Scottish woman.” The responses flew in by the thousands but these are the top of the crop which seem to be getting the most internet attention. Forget about politics for a while and use these as some inspiration for the next annoying time waster who invades your cell plan.


Here are the best of the amateurs:



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