Todd Palin Files For Divorce After 31 Years of Marriage


The Palin FamilyThe Couple Eloped In 1988 & Have Five Children Together

It appears as though it’s the end of the road for Todd and Sarah Palin, after 31 years of marriage. The Palins both 55, and have been through a governorship and a run for Vice President with the late Senator John McCain.

Mr. Palin cited their incompatibility and their inability to live together as the reason he filed. The court filing, lists the two by their initials T.M.P. and S.L.P, for Todd Mitchell and Sarah Louise. According to ‘The Daily’, everything on the filing, matches the Palins, including their date of births, children’s names and birthdays, and date of marriage and address.

Todd is seeking joint custody for the couple’s youngest child Trigg,11. Trigg was born with Down Syndrome, the other children are, Piper,18, Willow, 25,Bristol,28 and Track,30. Sarah was elected the governor of Alaska in 2006. Three years later John McCain selected her as his running mate for the 2009 Presidential election. Sarah along with her family became a TV guest commentator and a reality TV star.

The Two Palins Have Weathered Many Storms Together Through The Years

Their oldest child Track, an Iraq war veteran has been plagued with violence and interaction with the police. In 2017 Track was arrested for assaulting his father Todd, he had by then had several scrapes with the law. His attorneys’ said he was suffering from severe PTSD, and his three different domestic violence charges were a result of that.

Track Palin had avoided jail time after his second domestic violence charge. He had been sent to a program for returning veterans suffering from mental health issues.

The program ‘The Therapeutic Veterans Court‘ threw Palin out of the program after his 3rd Domestic Violence charge. The court sentenced him to a year at a half way house, for the assault against his father. Todd filed for divorce from Sarah on August 29th eight days after the couple’s 31st anniversary.

Todd Palin Tried To Stay Out Of The Headlines As His Wife Soaked Up The Publicity

Sarah Palin seemed to flourish under the eyes of the world media stage, Todd on the other hand, is a quiet unassuming man, according to those that know him well. Todd Palin is a native of Alaska with his place of birth in Dillingham, Alaska. He graduated from Wasila High School, also the high school Sarah graduated from.

Todd does not have a college degree, and has worked in the oil fields of Alaska for a large majority of his life. He has also won titles as a champion snow mobile racer. While Sarah Palin was the Governor of Alaska, Todd was called ‘the first gentleman of Alaska.’ While she was the Governor he encouraged young people to seek out employment in the oil industry. According to a source close to the couple, Todd quietly moved out of their family home last week.


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