Thug Gets Instant Karma When He Picks on the Wrong Man’s Wife

Thug Life
Photo via Jiam Isvaypor YouTube Video Screenshot

Certain things in America are always important.

Always tip in restaurants, don’t invade someone’s personal space, and always be as polite as possible.

Of course, you should be aware that there is another unspoken rule in our society.

Never flirt with a man’s wife, especially when that man is sitting right beside her!

An ignorant thug learned this the hard when he made some nasty comments to another man’s wife, then got dealt a hard case of reality.

Of course, this man was quite the jerk in more than just one way.

You see, it was CLEARLY EVIDENT that this woman had a male companion. Maybe he thought it was just a boyfriend?


Even in that situation, it would have been in very poor taste.

However, it ups the ante when you come to find out she is a married woman.

This woman’s husband immediately stepped up and confronted the man, and his wife said that it wasn’t worth it. However, the husband didn’t back down.

Kudos to the man for standing up for his wife.

Lessons in life can sometimes be hard-learned, and this is one that thug will surely remember for the rest of his life!