This Very Well Could Be the Next Dem Hoax That They Try to Pin On Trump Supporters


Once in a while a story comes along that’s so strange it seems like it might be a hoax. This is one of them. Democrat reported “hate crimes” in antifa-controlled territory could turn out to be a way to frame those deplorable Trump supporters who liberals can’t seem to get rid of.

Another hate crime hoax

Democrats have a tendency to stage hate crimes. Just ask Jussie Smollett or Bubba Wallace. Anti-Asian hate messages could be the next progressive hoax. Then again, truth really is a lot stranger than anything that anyone can make up.

The known facts are totally bizarre and don’t add up but police are clueless. Outside observers aren’t sure if the cops aren’t doing anything because the public wants to defund them, or if the public wants to defund them because they don’t do anything.

Residents in the North Seattle, Washington neighborhood of Pinehurst have taken to roaming in packs, hoping to assault and batter the racists who keep leaving piles of finely chopped straw or hay in offensive patterns. Smashing windows and burning down buildings is perfectly acceptable though.

Making things even more peculiar, the messages have happened repeatedly, always in church parking lots. Asian church parking lots. If this isn’t a hoax, it sure seems like an attempt to frame someone.

Congregates of the targeted churches insist that they both “serve diverse communities.” Someone in the neighborhood seems to have a grudge against China over Covid-19 so they’re taking it out on local orientals.

That seems a little extreme. So extreme it could be a hoax. The police have managed to allow similar incidents to happen repeatedly at two locations over an extended period.


Inappropriate and racist

Local resident Adriana Vega-Harris last noticed a racist message about a month and a half ago which means it’s been going on for quite a while. She thinks “it’s really inappropriate and racist. And it’s not founded because we’ve all been going through this pandemic globally.”

Even if the Chinese did cook Kung Flu up in a lab and let it loose, why take it out on your neighbors? That’s the part which makes it seem so much like a hoax.

Using some kind of fine plant material to spell out messages, phrases like “F— China” and “You will pay” are written out across the parking lots. One would assume on nights with no wind, which would indicate a level of pre-planning.

The hoax particularly cheesed off the International Full Gospel Fellowship. Not only was this the fourth time the church was targeted, the markings are placed “right next to an early learning center.” My God, children enter that building.

A neighbor of the church and friend of the pastor noted it was the fourth time that church was targeted. Another neighbor has turned vigilante. He “tries to walk in groups now in case anything escalates.” More realistically, so they can escalate them. Hoax or not, Richard Watanade has some interesting things to say. First, being half-Japanese gives him an unusual perspective.

“My dad was put in an internment camp in World War II. I know about racism since I was a young kid.” It’s the perspective from his window that’s got everyone wondering.

He knows it’s happened before. “This place has been targeted over four, five times, and it’s terrible.” Yet, this most recent time, he witnessed the crime in action and didn’t call the cops.

He “saw a small group of people spelling out the messages overnight.” One person doing something like this sounds like a nut who needs help. a whole group involved in a racist conspiracy sounds like a hoax.


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