This Simple Trick at Home Can Easily Remove Skin Tags [Watch]

This Simple Trick at Home Can Easily Remove Skin Tags

A new, cost-effective product has emerged that will allow you to remove skin tags at home easily.

Skin tags are such a common cosmetic problem that around 50 percent of adults will have at least one at some point in their life.

What Is A Skin Tag?

Acrochordons, more commonly known as skin tags, are small, flesh-colored growths which are typically just a few millimeters in size.

Many people become concerned about their skin tags, and worry that they are a sign of a serious medical problem, but they are actually completely harmless and benign.

The only real issues with these growths are that they are not appealing to look at, especially if they grow bigger or appear in a cluster, and that they can become infected if they are irritated. These are typically the reasons why people choose to remove them at home.

New Product

Most people use the common at-home method of applying apple cider vinegar to the skin tags every day, but a better way to remove them has emerged.

The product, TagBand, is cost-efficient and easy. Watch the one-minute video below, or read the step by step guide.


Here is a step by step guide from TagBand’s website to help you use the product:

  • Step One: “Clean the skin tag and the surrounding area with one of the provided cleansing swabs.”
  • Step Two: “Place one of the bands onto the slim part of the cone and roll the band to the top.”
  • Step Three: “Place the TagBand remover around the cone and gently push it down to meet the band.”
  • Step Four: “Position the cone over the skin tag and level with the surrounding skin area.”
  • Step Five: “Gently push the TagBand remover towards the skin and pull the TagBand cone away, allowing the band to pop off the end onto the skin tag.”

After putting the band on, it will cut off the blood supply to the growth, which will cause it to die and fall off within a few days.