This Model Sold Her Virginity For An Unbelievable Amount Of Money


In a shocking move, 18 year old Romanian teenager Aleexandra Khefren has sold her virginity to a Hong Kong businessman for an astonishing £2 million (two million pounds) defying threats from her family to disown her if she followed through.

This story has caused uproar in the media and is an example of how money talks in the 21st century.

Khefren, an aspiring model from Bucharest declared through her agency that she had agreed to sell her virginity to a Hong Kong business man for two million pounds.

The ‘deal’ would be consummated at a hotel booked by Khefren herself with 20% going to Cinderella Escorts, the site which brokered the transaction.

When asked why she chose this path instead of giving it away to someone who may have left her anyway, she responded “How many would possibly forgo their first time in retrospect if they could have 2.3 million euros (£2m) instead?”

Not only did this statement shock viewers of ITV’s This Morning show but also prompted questions about femininity and morality as more young women are stepping forward offering their virginity on the open market as well.

In response Cinderella Escorts said that over 300 virgins have contacted them since Khefren went public about selling hers.

Despite disapproval from many people about selling one’s virginity which demeans femininity, some still find this as a way to get ahead in life due to not being afforded other opportunities available.

On Facebook Sally Rowe commented saying “What sort of message does it send to all those beautiful innocent young girls out there that have been taught respect themselves and their bodies!”

Donna Greenhalgh also states “This is just the same as prostitution.. Why would you want to sleep with a complete stranger for money???”

Another Twitter user stated “What a naive young girl. My heart goes out to her.”

Even though not everyone agrees with what Aleexandra Khefren has done, Sarah Convery argues “No one has the right to judge anyone else’s decisions. If she is old enough to have say in the government then she is old enough make own decisions about her body.”