Things Turn FATAL Through the Night as Unrest Intensifies


The unrest and violence in Minneapolis, Minnesota turned fatal on Wednesday night as the area around the Third Precinct police station erupted into a war zone. The bizarre nature of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of four police officers suggest an engineered attempt to start a race war. The escalating violence could very well be a part of the plan.

Someone made a fatal mistake

An unnamed man was shot and killed outside Cadillac Pawn and Jewelry Wednesday night. His fatal mistake may have been picking the wrong store to loot. Spokesman John Elder with the local police advises they are still “in the infancy” of their investigation of what happened but it appears that the shop owner fired on a suspected looter.

That’s illegal in Minnesota. The proprietor, 59-year-old John Rieple was booked into Hennepin County Jail around 2 a.m. Thursday on suspicion of murder. According to Heavy, police are “also investigating other theories they wouldn’t describe.” The state has a “duty to retreat” law. In Minnesota, you can use deadly force to defend your home but not your business.

According to Elder, “officers responding to a reported stabbing near the protests Wednesday night found a man lying on the sidewalk with what turned out to be a bullet wound.” Eventually, the man “was pronounced dead at a local hospital.” Not a lot is known at this time. The facts leading up to the shooting, he notes. were “still being sorted out.”

John Rieple was booked on suspicion of murder.

It was like a war zone

Police Chief Arradondo confirmed reports of “officers and protesters being injured overnight,” but wasn’t ready to go into the details of the fatal shooting. “We do have some groups,” he explained, engaging “in criminal conduct which we just cannot have for our great city, including looting and significant damage to property,” not to mention “throwing projectiles.” He points out that the public is just as much at risk by that behavior as his officers. The chief was glad that “the vast majority of protesters were peaceful,” but “there was looting happening as well as significant property damage and the creation of Molotov cocktails.”

Jon Collins with MPR News described the scene along Lake Street on Thursday morning as “unbelievable devastation.” It looked like the aftermath of a bombing raid. “There’s an industrial building across the street from me that’s smoking. There’s affordable housing that was being built that is still on fire,” he reports. “There is a Wendy’s that is completely demolished in the parking lot. Target has been looted. Cub has been looted.” Not only that, “blockades” are everywhere.

When Julie Ingebretsen saw the damage to her store she exclaimed, “It’s like a war came through here last night.” Surprisingly, not a lot was missing but, “our windows were broken.” There was a lot of “knocking shelves over, throwing stuff around, rummaging through drawers. It’s just destruction. And it makes me so sad, I can hardly stand it.”



  1. So, it’s illegal to shoot a looter who has broken into your store & is trying to steal you blind, probably to set fire to your business once he has all the goods out of it? And this is in AMERICA! Unbelievable! Would someone out there please explain to me why anyone would want to live &/or work in one of these Democrat controlled big city cess pools.

  2. Where could he go if he was cornered by a mob? Isn’t it unconstitutional for a state like Minnesota to declare someone cannot defend their property? Why is a place of business different than a home if all of your stuff is there and it could be argued that he spent most of his life there? SOme people live at their place of business too.


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