They Drugged, Raped, and Then Murdered Her


This girl was in the prime of her life, but these thugs not only had their way with her, but they drugged her and degraded her completely, and it culminated at the end of her life.

There are two North Carolina men who are now accused of drugging, raping, and murdering a 24-year-old female tourist during spring break in Miami Beach.

Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian Taylor, 25, are both individuals from Greensboro, but if a grand jury has their way, these boys might have a new address at the nearest U.S. penitentiary.

Miami-Dade County is ready to prosecute these two for the fentanyl-induced death of Christine Englehardt of Richboro, Pennsylvania on March 18th. Both of these men are still jailed in Miami.

Englehardt met these men while she was visiting South Beach and they followed her back to her room at the Albion Hotel where she was later found dead.

The three-page grand jury report is accusing the pair of killing Englehardt with an “unlawful distribution of fentanyl” while they were committing sexual battery and burglary. The men are also accused of taking Englehardt’s credit cards and making illegal purchases at SOBE Liquors and the Sugar Factory.

Authorities described how the surveillance video had captured the men entering the hotel room with Englehardt and then leaving without her afterward. The arrest report shows that Collier confessed to authorities that he had given Englehardt a green pill and then claimed that they had both sexually assaulted her in the hotel room even though she was unconscious.

The Miami-Dade Medical Examiner was able to determine that the pills that had been ingested by Englehardt were known as “rapidly fatal” fentanyl. The autopsy also was quick to discover that she had a blood-alcohol level of 0.2%, which is about three times the legal limit for driving a vehicle, according to the Miami Herald.

After a cursory look at Englehardt’s Facebook page, it was quickly discovered that she was the assistant manager at Jules Thin Crust, a popular pizza place in Philadelphia.

In July, the medical examiner issued his report, and he said that Englehardt had died as a result of “prone positioning”, meaning that she had been facedown, and had also been afflicted with being “under the influence of ethanol and fentanyl,” according to People Magazine.

“Although the concentration of fentanyl detected is fatal, a component of positional asphyxia, with her face pressed down into soft bedding as a result of physical restraint and/or chemical impairment to facilitate sexual assault, cannot be excluded,” the medical examiner stated at that time.

However, Collier’s attorney, Phil Reizenstein, told the Miami Herald that he is actually “stunned” by the murder indictment.

His main argument is that the medical examiner had found that Englehardt had ingested so many drugs that it would be nearly impossible to pinpoint just what was most likely to cause her death.

“I think they’re going to regret doing this,” said Reizenstein. “I think by the time I’m finished with them, they’re never going to be able to say she died of this.” In a nutshell, she was so drugged that it is impossible to determine what killed her.

The grand jury also added a second-degree murder charge against Taylor because he supplied the same opioid to Walter Riley, 21, from Chicago. Riley was found drugged on a nearby street, dying March 20, just two days after Englehardt had been found unresponsive in her hotel room.