They Caught Her, and Now She is Charged With Voter Fraud

Voter fraud 2020 presidential election Wisconsin

A Wisconsin woman was charged with voter fraud after submitting a dead woman’s ballot. This is just one of many reports of dead people voting in key battleground states. And they always seem to vote for Democrats. This election was a total fraud!

Wisconsin voter fraud

There have been multiple reports of dead people voting in this election. Many on the Left say this is a ridiculous far-Right conspiracy theory and Trump is just being a sore loser. Well, finally we caught one of these Lefties red handed. Christine Daikawa, 48, of Cedarburg Wisconsin is being charged with election fraud.

Cedarburg City Clerk Tracie Sette told investigators that when election workers attempted to log in an absentee vote on Election Day, they saw the voter, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Larson had died. The fraudulent vote was not counted, but who knows how many others got through. Larson requested an absentee ballot prior to her death in July, but it was Daikawa who signed and returned the ballot.

Daikawa admitted that she committed voter fraud but said she “didn’t mean to.” Yeah, right. Cedarburg police investigator David Dudash told reporters, “I think in this case, the temptation was just too strong.” Daikawa admitted to police that she filled out the ballot for her dead friend. “She kind of was looking at the ballot and kind of taking deep breaths and looking at it, and then she said, ‘I committed voter fraud,’” Dudash said.

Stop the steal

“I was trying to see if she was maybe doing it for a memory type thing, try to see if she wanted to get her partner’s last wishes or last voice heard, but she said that wasn’t the case, that her spouse would have been upset with her by doing that because her spouse believed in democracy and that voter fraud would have been something that she would have been against,” Dudash said.

This election has been a mess. President Trump has been warning us all year.

The COVID-19 pandemic just happened to hit us at the beginning of the year, destroying the economy and spiking unemployment to record numbers. The lockdowns began and many on the Left started promoting mail-in voting.

Now months later we have Joe Biden winning the election with more than 80 million votes. Something seems suspicious. It’s almost like this was the plan all along…


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