‘The Squad’ Says Israel Tortures Children & Repeats Terrorist Propaganda

the squad

The Left Wing Extremists ‘The Squad’ Looks To Further Terrorist Propaganda With New Bill

Democratic Congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep Praamila Jayapal, are the new disturbing face of the Democratic party.

The ‘Squad’ was recently involved in a dust up when Israel denied them access to enter the country. The Israeli government walked that back, however with conditions. The Squad in the end decided not to go to Israel ‘if they had to go with conditions’.

Entering Israel is a well known controversy, there is a new controversy brewing that few people are aware of. These four congresswomen authored a new bill, ‘Promoting Human Rights For Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act’.

The bill has now been reintroduced in the house by Representative Betty McCollum. The Congresswoman from the 4th District of Minnesota, claims to be a supporter of Israel, but not the policies of the government.

McCollum Has Done An About Face With Any Issues Dealing With Israel

The congresswoman has recently taken to lambasting Israel, and calling the policies of the country, ‘apartheid-like policies’. McCollum added, “there are now members of Congress who are not willing to ignore what is going on’.

She said, ‘the government of Israel polices are destructive, and people are taking note, regardless of upcoming elections’. Mark Mellmon of the ‘Democratic Party For Israel’ has condemned McCollum’s statements.


Mellmon said Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected in a fair election, and every Arab citizen of Israel had a chance to vote. Mellman accused the Congresswoman behind the bill of, ‘exploiting anti-Semitic trope, used by far right forces from Czarism to fascism.

In the bill, it claims that non Jewish children are treated unfairly.’ The bill says that once these children are in the Israeli defense force custody, the following happens. Children are denied access to lawyers and their own parents. It also points out’ the children are treated cruelly and inhumanely.’

The Bill’s Intention Is For The US To Limit Assistance To Israel If Monies Are Used For This Policy

McCollum and the Squad’s bill, squarely stipulates what the intention of the bill is. It is to stop U.S. Aid to Israel for the use of Israel Defense Forces, (IDF) policies that mistreat Arabic children.

The Bill states the policies of IDF is a ‘violation of international humanitarian law.’ Federal law already exists that disallows foreign aid to countries that commit human rights violations. Detractors say the bill is just about pointing out Israel in an extremely anti-Semitic stance.

Research indicates that the a majority of the claims in the bill comes directly from, ‘Defense for Children International Palestine, (DCIP). The DCIP employees, board of directors have been known to have direct links to a terrorist group. The group, ‘Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine, (PFLP), which Israel considers a terrorist organization. The United States, Canada, and the European Union, also views the PFLP as a terrorist group, that promotes acts of terror.



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