The Side that Wants ‘Unity’ is Calling for Jenna Ellis to Be Raped

Trump attorney Jenna Ellis death threats democrats

Radical Left-wing activists are threatening Trump’s legal team as they work to expose massive voter fraud in the presidential election. Trump attorney Jenna Ellis is receiving threats of murder and rape. Others want her fired. So much for the tolerant Left.

Jenna Ellis threatened by commies

Some Democrats are calling for healing and unity now that Joe Biden is preparing for his transition to the White House. But they only offer peace as long as we don’t get in their way. Anyone who opposes their Socialist agenda will be harassed, assaulted, banned, censored, fired from their job, murdered or raped. These people are complete psychopaths. Trump attorney Jenna Ellis claims she has received threatening phone calls, anonymous messages and calls to be disbarred from practicing law. What are these Lefties so afraid of?

But Jenna Ellis is a true patriot and she’s not backing down. She knows the Trump campaign is on the right side of history and in the end, good will prevail over evil. She posted on her Twitter, “I keep getting a barrage of threats and false accusations from Dems and reporter activists. My only comment is this: Do your worst. I’m not intimidated. I won’t back down. My mission is Truth, my God is the Lord Jesus Christ, and my client is the President of the United States.” Powerful words.

These threats aren’t just coming from basement dwelling Marxists. Prominent Democrats are supporting this harassment of anyone on the Right. The Lincoln Project, a group of anti-Trump Republicans, have also encouraged people to harass Trump’s legal team. A recent Washington Post op-ed was titled “Yes, going after Trump’s law firms is fair game.” Of course, Joe Biden has not come out to condemn this ugly behavior by his own party.

The Left thrives on hate

Days after the election, Biden gave a victory speech where he called for unity and healing. At the same time, Democratic House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her colleagues on the Left were creating a list of anyone who supported and aided Trump. They want anyone on the Right to be punished, censored, fired and “removed from polite society.” Jennifer Rubin, a radical Left-wing writer from the Washington Post said, “We need to burn down the Republican Party, leaving no survivors. Because if there are survivors, if there are people who make it out of this, they will try it again.” Minnesota House Rep. Ilhan Omar said Trump was holding “Klan rallies” across the country, accusing President Trump and millions of his supporters of being racists. This is their idea of “unity and healing.” Don’t be fooled. The Left does not want unity. They want us completely destroyed.


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