The Sanders Hypocrisy: Bernie Has Spent More Than $1m on Private Jet Use During His Campaign

Bernie Sanders personal jet usage
Photo via VOA News YouTube Video Screenshot

You know that big green movement within the Democrat party? Well, it’s all a hoax and Bernie Sanders is the biggest fraud of them all.

According to Sanders’ most recent filing, the socialist climate change enthusiast has spent almost $1.2 million on private jet travel.

Now, I am no climate change expert, but I am pretty sure that is doing far more damage to the environment than a few cow farts.

Leading the Way

One of Bernie Sanders’ biggest surrogates is Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

She also happens to be the author of the Green New Deal, a piece of legislation that wants to virtually criminalize private transportation abuse such as this.

That all, however, apparently goes out the window when you are running for president.

Not only is Bernie traveling by private jet, but he is also using a “luxury private jet charter service” to do it.

Hypocrisy Throughout the Party

Now, we understand the fact that schedules during this political season are demanding and require significant travel, especially with the recent impeachment trial.

Even so, if Dems were really serious about this, wouldn’t it make sense for, at the very least, Sanders and Warren to share flights to reduce emissions?

It is also rather hard to justify both Buttigieg and Biden traveling by private jet so much simply because their schedule is not as restricted as the Senators in the race.

None of that is happening, though, and collectively, Democrats are racking up some serious chits with private jet companies.

In addition to Bernie spending well over $1 million, Joe Biden has also topped seven-figure spending on private jet travel over the last quarter.

Warren, another climate change enthusiast, has spent more than $720,000 and Pete Buttigieg has spent more than $323,000 in private jet travel.

Bloomberg, who entered the race late and who has not been traveling to the early primary states, has spent almost $650,000 on private jet travel.

Bernie’s website states, “Global climate change is real, it is caused mainly by emissions released from burning fossil fuels and it poses a catastrophic threat to the long-term longevity of our planet.

“The transportation sector accounts for about 26 percent of carbon pollution emissions.”

So, next time Bernie comes to your city for a town hall, throw that number in his face and ask him how he can use a method of travel that is estimated to produce roughly eight times the carbon emissions of commercial jet travel.

Bernie justifies this by stating his campaign has made numerous carbon offset purchases to make up for his personal jet usage, but would it not make more sense to fly commercial and save significant campaign money rather than wasting so much money on private jet travel and spending money on carbon offsets?

That, however, would mean that Sanders would have to travel like the rest of us peasants, and we don’t see the Democrat millionaire doing that anytime soon.

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