The Queen of Cow Farts Pulls an Ace Out of Her Sleeve for Biden

cow farts

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is teaming up with Lurch lookalike John Kerry as the king and queen of cow farts. The pair will be heading Biden’s proposed “climate change panel.” The New York Democrat whipped out an ace that she had hidden up her sleeve. She traded her popularity with the young radical progressives for a chance to advance her “green new deal.”

Saving the planet from cow farts

AOC’s infamous cow fart prevention program got a huge boost from creepy Joe Biden on Wednesday when his campaign came up with a way to hijack her away from Bernie Sanders’ socialist revolution. Biden officials confirmed that Ocasio-Cortez and John Kerry will co-chair his climate policy group. Kerry was Hillary Clinton’s successor as Barack Obama’s Deep State Secretary.

Not only was Kerry the one responsible for airlifting pallets of cash to the Ayatollah, he sold America’s energy industry out in the Paris Climate Accords. That’s the deal which made the United States responsible for allowing China to continue polluting. By selling them carbon credits for all our clean air, china can dump as much pollution into the environment as they can afford. Without the United States to supply the clean air, the whole scheme fell apart.

AOC can’t wait to cripple the economy even more than it is now by Covid-19. Her “Green New Deal” would remove gasoline engines from the face of the earth and take us back to the days before the industrial revolution, all so we have more carbon credits to sell to China.

More about votes than the environment

Biden can expect AOC to demand a lot more government intervention than he seems comfortable ordering. “She believes the movement will only be successful if we continue to apply pressure both inside and outside the system.”

All Biden really cares about are the voters who follow her Twitter feed. If strap on tanks to sequester cow farts will get him votes in November, he’s on board. Joe Biden may be creepy but he’s a lot more moderate than either Sanders or AOC.


Another attempt to bring in the younger far-left radicals was the appointment of youth climate activist Varshini Prakash to AOC’s new task force. Other big name liberals named to the panel are Pramila Jayapal, who sponsored the “Medicare for All” scheme and Stephanie Kelton, an economist with radical views. More radical than strapping tanks on livestock to capture cow farts.

cow farts

Kelton believes “that the federal government can spend freely without regard to deficits and not risk economic ruin.” The latest horror to come out of the same Jekyll Island conspiracy known as the Federal Reserve is a scary new concept called “Modern Monetary Theory.” In the aftermath of the global economic pancake caused by coronavirus, we’re about to get a chance to see if it really works. At this point, there is no other choice.


  1. Poor ole Joe really knows how to win over middle America—-Appoint AOC and Horseface as your environmental experts and winning an endorsement from Stacey Adams at the same time. What a great politician and uniter he is.


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