The Queen Channels Trump for Huge Election Announcement


Progressives on the other side of the pond are going frantic now that Queen Elizabeth has become a deplorable nationalist and started channeling Donald Trump. The entire United Kingdom is reeling from a major election announcement. Except for the Northern Irish subjects. They won’t notice a thing.

Queen Elizabeth backs Trump

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. England’s Queen Elizabeth just flattered the heck out of former President Donald Trump by putting one of his signature ideas into action. Now if we can only get this kind of support in America.

Democrats have gone to ridiculous lengths to kick and scream over having to show ID to vote, claiming the requirement “racist.” In other parts of the world, they embrace the idea wholeheartedly to ensure election integrity. Democrats don’t want “fair” elections, they want ones they’re guaranteed to win.

Liberals love to overlook the big inconsistency but Queen Liz isn’t buying it. Suggesting that people of color are somehow so inferior that they cannot obtain basic identification is what’s racist.

It’s called the “bigotry of low expectations” because “success,” they claim, is only an illusion of “White privilege.” What Democrats are really against is weeding out more than one vote by the same person, or votes cast by those who aren’t legally allowed to do so. They’ll oppose that until doomsday.

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is a racist. From now on, she declares, “photo ID will be required to vote in general elections.” Why? In “order to tackle fraud.” Gee, you don’t say. Didn’t we hear that someplace else? Oh, yeah! That deplorable former President Donald Trump was all over it.

Nobody listened so he’s leading a government in exile from Mar-a-Lago while illegitimate Imperial Leader Joe Biden occupies the Palace. His Wisdom now signs decrees into law by the foot high stack on a daily basis.

You have to ‘plan ahead’

In the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth is well aware of the need for “broader election reform.” Her Parliament is going to be really busy on some funky legislation. They’re making the mandatory identification cards “available through local councils” but folks have to move quick to get the paperwork done before election day.

The new regs “would affect UK-wide and English elections” but some Irish won’t notice a thing. “Voters in Northern Ireland already have to show identification in order to vote.”

Not only is the Queen making Brits prove who they are to cast a vote, they’re cracking down on mail-in ballots too.

Another one of Donald Trump’s ideas surfaced across the pond with “a limit on the number of postal votes that can be handed in on behalf of others.” It appears that over there they don’t like “ballot harvesting” any more than conservatives in America do.

U.K. liberals are furious and screaming about the Queen making them “plan ahead” and obtain valid identification. It’s not like they don’t already carry one around to do banking and conduct other business with. There is no reason for anyone who is legitimately qualified to register not already having at least one ID card.

The ones who don’t already have ID are ones who wouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway. Of course, the European style leftists are echoing all the Black Lives Matter activist propaganda calling the matter of election security “voter suppression straight out of the US Deep South, Republican playbook.”


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