The Face of a Convicted Killer and Arsonist


Is this the face of a convicted killer and arsonist? It’s a very real possibility simply due to the fact that the evidence is overwhelming.

This convicted felon was actually accused of breaking into a home in the Priest Lake area of Nashville and is now facing arson charges.

His face definitely shows that he isn’t the most promising character, that’s for sure.

According to the arrest affidavit, investigators affiliated with the Nashville Police Department have determined that Roberto Viera-Aybar has set at least four separate fires in the bedroom of one home on Hamilton Church Road at least one week ago.

Nashville Police were able to determine that the fires had been set intentionally and all of them were while several Metro Nashville police were at the home, no less.

First of all, officers had initially been called to the residence for a report of a burglary. That is when police discovered that Viera-Aybar had kicked in the back door and barricaded himself inside an upstairs bonus room.

The report is claiming that he busted out a window and proceeded to throw items at the police officers stationed outside. Moreover, he set his first fire and jumped out the window and landed on top of a car before he was taken to the hospital with injuries.


Viera-Aybar is now facing several charges, including both arson and aggravated arson.

Considering that Viera-Aybar was previously convicted in connection with the murder of a man from Nashville who was later found buried in the woods in Georgia in Whitfield County in 2017, one has to wonder: just why was this man on the streets in the first place?

Online court records are showing that part of the reason for that would be because he got a slap on the wrist where the charges of first-degree murder that had been placed against him were reduced to voluntary manslaughter.

“Roberto Viera-Aybar pled to the maximum sentence possible given the facts and evidence. He received Voluntary Manslaughter and served his entire sentence,” District Attorney Communications Director Steve Hayslip stated. “There was simply insufficient proof for a First Degree Murder conviction after discussions with the TBI.”

According to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, it was September 25, 2019 that Viera-Aybar was convicted. This man was sentenced to six years with a 30 percent requirement and was released on July 20, 2021 at the designation of the time served. However, when you look at this man’s face, there is no question you don’t see the face of someone who committed manslaughter. You definitely see the face of a murderer instead.