The EPA is About To Ruin The Whole Power Grid..


The EPA is sort of like those people that you meet from time to time in your life that don’t know the difference between a suggestion and a demand.

Some things might seem like good ideas in theory, but in practice they turn out to either not be ready yet or just won’t work no matter when you try.

Take for instance the whole green energy thing, your solar and wind power.

Now, I am in a really strange position when it comes to my stance on this. I take a yes and no sort of approach.

Yes, I do think it is a good idea and people should use solar and wind at their own discretion. They should not be forced into it. No, I do not think that it should be implemented across the board.

What I mean, is that I have a camper that sometimes I will go totally off grid in Arizona for a couple of months at a time. It’s a great way to relax and unwind.

I have a couple of really good solar panels and a wind turbine that I use for my electricity. That’s my choice. Mine alone.

Nobody should be forced to do it.

Which is where the EPA comes into our story. You see, with Biden allowing them to run roughshod when it comes to setting energy policy, they are forcing various states into impossible situations when it comes to complying with “clean energy” guidelines.

It’s going to either totally wreck the power grid in this country or it is going to end up driving energy prices up so high that the cost of electricity will be way more than it would be through producing it through traditional means.

They’re trying something like this in Indiana for example. Now, if you were to mandate something like this in a given state, you would think that they’d have Arizona or something do it. There’s sun there damn near all the time.

I don’t know if the EPA knows this, but Indiana doesn’t get a whole lot of sunlight for a good portion of the year.

They’re trying to fit ten pounds of stuff into a three pound sack when it comes to these clean energy initiatives and it will end up crippling the grid entirely.