The ‘Dark and Chilling’ Information About Brain Laundrie

Dark and Chilling
Dark and Chilling

There is some “dark and chilling” information about Brian Laundrie that is yet to come out, but once it does, it definitely makes sense!

Apparently, there was a Pinterest account that is now thought to belong to Brian Laundrie, the fiancee of Gabby Petito who later turned up dead. This van lifer ultimately went into hiding and would take his own life not soon after their road life seemed to go awry. This Pinterest account was discovered by internet sleuths, and they were just a tad bit disturbed by what they found.

There was a collection of images and quotes that appears to reveal a lot about this man, and it all seems to be very morbid, to say the least. Laundrie seemed to be preoccupied with death, loss and escape, and this has led many to speculate on just where Brian’s head might have been before he left New York in his van with Gabby.

When you attempt to mesh this up with the way that Petito passed away and the fact that the professionals have ruled her death to be a homicide after an autopsy was performed, the images of ghosts and tombstones reading “my baby” along with an image of a “DNAR” (do not attempt to resuscitate) tattoo take on an additional meaning that would give viewers of this Pinterest a very unsettled feeling.

In addition to the clowns with anxiety and the ghosts with legs, this Pinterest account also has @blaundrie1197, which means that it sports his name. It includes a large folder of alternative living content, including such things as an alternative take on a “missing dog” flier with the following text:

“Don’t try to find me. I have finally escaped my ‘master’s’ wicked clutches,” it reads. “To others I say: Join me. Bite the hand that feeds you. Vive la liberté.”

Another post sports the text of that one Fight Club quote that seemed extremely relevant to Laundrie at that point in time: “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”


This was one of those cases that took the United States’ consciousness by storm, and it started when Petito, a popular social media influencer who was using her platforms to share and Laundrie’s “van life” adventures, disappeared in the middle of a cross-country trip with Laundrie. Brian ended up returning to his parents’ home in Florida without Petito after she had stopped posting or answering her phone and he refused to speak to authorities or Petito’s parents regarding Gabby’s whereabouts. On a monday in September, investigators discovered human remains that matched Petito’s description near her last–known location.

“If u wanna see some creepy and weird shit (sic) open Brian Laundrie’s Pinterest and look at his pins categorized under “kids books”??? I am not sure why he even categorized it as ‘kids books’….”

It was at this point that every new detail that came out seemed to indicate the widespread opinion that Brian had indeed murdered his fiance. Similar internet sleuths scoured the couple’s joint Pinterest account and determined that there was a strong possibility that Petito may have been pregnant because there is a lot of content mentioning babies.

Either way, Laundrie’s online presence was very weird and dark and chilling indeed.

UPDATE: Investigators would ultimately found Brian dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at the Carlton Preserve about a month after Gabby has disappeared. A very sad resolution to a dark and chilling case for sure.