The Damning Biden Video You Need to See

The Damning Biden Video You Need to See

A video of Joe Biden from the campaign trail has reemerged, and is proving that conservatives were right all along about the candidate.

Jerry Wayne, a Detroit auto plant worker, asked then-candidate Biden about firearms while he was at an event in Michigan in March of 2020, and Biden’s response says it all.

At this campaign event, Biden was trying his best to prove that he was a man of the people — “Lunch Box Joe,” as he used to call himself — by visiting a Fiat Chrysler plant in Michigan to meet with members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

While Democrats usually have a stranglehold on the union vote, one union worker stood out from the crowd to ask Biden about gun control, stating that the then-candidate was “actively trying” to take guns away from the American people.

“You’re full of s***,” Biden responded.

Not only was Biden rude and crude towards the worker, he also proved he knew pretty much nothing about guns, referring to a well-known type of long rifle as an “AR-14.”

He went on to call the man a “horse’s a**,” and even threatened him.


“Don’t tell me that, pal, or I’m going to go outside with you, man,” Biden told the man, later identified as Jerry Wayne. (Wayne would go on to get a rifle he christened the “AR-14” and inscribed Biden’s “You’re full of s***” quote on the side, as featured in a National Rifle Association ad.)

Instead of responding cordially and explaining his position on the issue, Joe Biden chose to threaten, intimidate, and act belligerent. If Democrat voters had any sense, that would have been the moment that Biden lost the election. Yes, Donald Trump was a crude person, but he would have never treated a potential voter that way. He reserved that kind of attitude for the elite and the media.

Now, that video is making the rounds on social media again, as it was reposted by the union worker, Jerry Wayne, and has over 18,000 likes in less than two days.

There are two main reasons that the video is so important, according to The Western Journal. Those reasons are:

“First, the video makes clear Wayne had a multipart question about how Biden planned on getting the union vote ‘when there is a large portion of the union workers who are gun enthusiasts and you are actively trying to diminish their Second Amendment rights and take away their guns.’

Biden’s first-line response to the multipart question — which, while tricky and loaded, was also posed fairly — was to say: ‘You’re full of s***.’ Except he wasn’t really, because Biden would later admit he was going to take away the ability to buy some guns, which just happen to be among the most popular firearms in America and ones that are statistically unlikely to be used in homicides.

And when Biden announced his attempt to have the manufacture of the guns banned, he did it on the third anniversary of the Parkland school massacre. That’s the kind of classy president we’re dealing with.

The second thing the video makes clear is just how menacing Biden was. He was shaking his finger in Wayne’s face, clearly in a manner meant to intimidate him into shutting up and backing up. When Wayne made it clear he didn’t want his personal space invaded, Biden’s response? ‘Don’t tell me that, pal, or I’m going to go outside with you, man.’”

Clearly, Biden isn’t all there. He lashes out easily, he’s often confused over simple things, he’s always talking about a mysterious “they” who tell him what to do and who to call on, and he’s always talking down to the American people. This behavior is something that conservatives predicted because of how Biden acted on the campaign trail, and he is repeating this pattern today in relation to vaccine mandates.

Looking back on the interaction with the union worker now, with over a year of hindsight, it is obvious that any sane person should have seen this coming. Unfortunately, the Democrats were never sane.