The Cat is Out of the Bag: Hot Mic Catches Rare Glimpse of Truth


James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas are at it again. Digging up the truth from where it’s been buried in the muck. This time they stuck a hot mic secretly under the nose of employees at “pharmaceutical giant” Pfizer. Their scientists believe “natural immunity to COVID-19” is “more effective than their own vaccines” but the company is covering it up and saying the opposite to boost profits.

Truth not acceptable

To Pfizer executives, the truth is a plastic and flexible thing. Just because their own scientists think natural immunity is better for people overall is no reason to stop selling vaccines.

Project Veritas managed to interview “multiple employees,” and the common theme to the narrative is that all claim “they had to take seminars that highlighted vaccines being more effective than natural immunity.”

Whether they agreed with the propaganda or not, and most didn’t, they had to sit through the corporate infomercial.

What the company is forcing them to accept is information which “has run counter to the scientific data on COVID-19 immunity.” The truth is that it’s much better to catch the virus, provided you live through it, than to get the jab in the arm.

Sure, vaccines can still help. They just aren’t the magic bullet that Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace want you to believe they are. The truth is that these vaccines only scratch the surface toward creating future immunity.


The vaccine mimics a “protein that’s just on the outside,” scientist Nick Karl explains. “So it’s just one antibody against one specific part of the virus.” Catching the virus starts a much more extensive process.

Natural immunity

Scientists do not want the public to learn the truth about “natural immunity.” When you catch any virus that is new to your body, “you’re going to start producing antibodies against multiple pieces of virus.”

There is a lot of solid scientific evidence to back that up but the experts want to ignore it in favor of their heavy handed mandate policies. “Despite this scientific evidence, the federal government has been promoting vaccines as the only way to protect from COVID-19.”

Our top national doctor, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, actually went so far as to declare “natural immunity was nowhere near as effective as immunity from vaccines.” That’s a total lie. He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him.

“We are seeing more and more data that tells us that while you get some protection from natural infection, it’s not nearly as strong as what you get from the vaccine. Especially with the delta variant, which is the hardiest and most contagious variant we’ve seen to date.”

Murthy claims on one hand that “We need all the protection we can get.” Then, he lies and says that’s “why the vaccines are so effective.” Bullcrap, Pfizer employees say. The truth is exactly the opposite. “While the scientists at Pfizer were not aware they were being filmed, they expressed discomfort with what the company was doing.”

Chris Croce admits on camera “I still feel like I work for like an evil corporation. They’re trying to keep track of everyone that’s been vaccinated versus the census of how many people are actually reported,” he exclaimed. “Basically our organization is run on COVID money now. You don’t talk about anything that can possibly implicate you or like big pharma.”