The Biden Admins Pretend Accomplishments Won’t Cover Up His Destruction of America

Biden tax hike

ABC News released a new poll on Joe Biden. The headlines will be about how much Americans love him on economic recovery and vaccines. Which makes sense. Giving people a $1,400 check will convince them Biden’s good on the economy as long as they don’t realize how much that $1,400 check is costing them.

Biden planning the largest tax hike in recent history

Biden created a crisis on the border that wasn’t there before. Even if you’re a leftist who thinks this country needs more illegal immigrants flooding the border, it’s hard to deny Biden screwed up here.

The gun control issue is more complicated because it depends on how people polled define “gun violence.” If I were polled? I’d look at the two incidents in question (Colorado and Atlanta). I’d add how Joe Biden wants to make it harder for me to defend myself.

Multiply that by the fact that Biden’s planning to chip away at gun rights via executive order. Then I’d come to the equation that when it comes to guns, President Biden can suck it. As many as 57% of Americans seem to agree.

It will be interesting to see which way the polls go as the White House attempts to provide solutions to either issue.

Even Democrats are turning on Sleepy Joe and his radical agenda

President Biden will outline his massive $3 to 4 trillion infrastructure plan Wednesday, which will create four tax increases worth around $1.8 trillion, the White House revealed.

The commander-in-chief’s “Build Back Better” proposal, a centerpiece of his post-COVID campaign message, will be split into two packages for Congress to pass.

The first, the White House said, will focus on infrastructure investments specifically.

The second will focus on funding domestic policy areas of Democratic concern, such as providing universal pre-kindergarten and tuition-free community college, as well as health care. Billions will also be put toward care for the elderly and disabled, as well as housing infrastructure and manufacturing.

As for how to pay for the plan, Biden’s main priority will be to raise the corporate rate from 21 percent to 28 percent. In addition, Biden’s proposal would impose a global minimum tax on profits from foreign organizations, increasing capital gains taxes, and raising individual rate of 39.6 percent for those making over $400,000.


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