The Best of the Black Friday Brawls

Black Friday Deals

I love Black Friday, but it is surely not for the shopping discounts.

I can sit at my desk and get my shopping done in a matter of minutes, but there are still a LOT of people that head out late Thursday night or early Friday morning after Thanksgiving to get the best deals only offered in-store.

The funny thing, though, is many of these people literally seem like they are willing to die for that last TV or dress hanging from the rack.

So, in honor of the tradition of Black Friday, we have put together some of the best videos of the day for your viewing pleasure.

The opening speech given by the manager to start this video is epic…

And then we just have total mayem…

Things quickly get out of hand at WalMart…

Mall Mayem…

And these are only a few of the videos that were uploaded in the last 24 hours.

These people must not have the internet, because all they needed was a computer and a connection and they all could have saved a few teeth!


  1. What’s happening to this country, it hasn’t been that long ago when this kind of behavior did Not exist in America, it started in California and NYC, now it’s migrated into the south, where people were known for their politeness, now it’s starting to look like a third world hell-hole.. There is no doubt a reason why, but it’s not politically correct.


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