Texas Democrat Puts Trump Supporters on Notice

Al Green
Photo via GOP War Room YouTube Video Screenshot

For anyone thinking the drive for impeachment will end if the Senate defeats the impeachment come January, think again.

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) put everyone on alert that if Democrats don’t get it right the first time, they will continue to impeach Trump until they manage to kick him out of office.

It Will Never End

The only way we can be assured of not having Trump impeached is by voting Democrats out of office.

If they don’t get him this time and Trump gets re-elected, they will try again.

If Dems ever get a majority in the Senate, believe me, they will try him again, especially if they ever get close to a supermajority on their own.

Green stated, “There is no limit on the number of times the Senate can vote to convict or not a president, no limit to the number of times the House can vote to impeach or not a president.”

He also stated, “A president can be impeached more than once.


“So, we can do this: we can move forward with what we have on the table currently, we can take this before the Senate and we can still investigate other issues, and when the president has committed additional offenses – and my suspicion is that he will – we can take those before the Senate.”

Will Dems Ever Govern?

For three years now, Dems have concentrated on nothing but impeaching Trump.

The second the vote became final, they decided they were going to try to remove him from office.

Hell, Rashida Tlaib ran on a platform that consisted of impeaching Trump!

They not only want to impeach Trump but now they are also going after Mike Pence, implicating him in the report written by the House Intelligence Committee.

If they are somehow successful in removing Trump, I guarantee they will immediately move to impeach Pence for his alleged involvement in the alleged shakedown in Ukraine.

All Dems are doing is setting a new bar for impeachment, and it is very low, one that will surely come back to haunt them.

At some point, they will get the White House back and when they do, that candidate better be squeaky clean because if he or she isn’t, Republicans are going to do this dance and I cannot wait to hear the outrage from people like Pelosi and Green when it does.

I have to wonder, though, when are Dems going to address the USMCA, a deal that farmers badly need. 

When are they going to sit down and work out an actual long-term budget with Republicans?

When do they plan on actually governing this country again and stop wasting both our time and money on an impeachment that is destined to fail?


  1. I could be wrong, but it appears to me that an awful lot of what the Democrat members of Congress (House and Senate) are doing is borderline treason against the United States at worst, or suborning insurrection at best. Either way, they are committing malfeasance of duty. Why aren’t they being charged and removed from office? And please don’t tell me that the fact they are members of Congress protects them from immediate removal from office and prosecution for what they are doing to our country. ALL elected officials take an oath of office in which they swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, yet from the moment they take their seat in Congress, they begin violating their oaths with wanton abandon and forget or ignore the fact that this is a government by, for and of the people, and that they work for us. This fact alone should be enough to immediately remove them from office, and not have to wait until their term is up and hope that they do not get re-elected. They are destroying our Constitutional Republic and yet they are coddled and protected from any kind or prosecution or reprisal, while ripping off the taxpayers and amassing huge bank accounts and spitting in the faces of the American people. What in heavens name is it going to take to stop this? This is NOT what our Founders envisioned our government to be.

  2. green is the perfect picture to have printed on toilet paper. Then and only then will he actually do something useful.

  3. maybe trump should change laws so the delusional democrats can’t keep their corruption going in our government . take away the power of the house . they already showed they don’t mean to ever stop . they waste a lot of money that could be used in better ways . but do they care ??? hell no … they only care about their corrupt ways for gain . they will start the war of all hope that will be lost to us if they win . they are not true Americans anymore . they don’t want or belive in our freedom . they will kill us to prove their point . they already started by backing hate groups that kill us in the streets . watch and see what happens when you fight back . if you let this happen then you get wha you deserve . I for one will not die on my knees like a coward so many already did . as a vet I will stand for my country once again as needed . man is slave to God , kings and desperate men , death be not proud .

  4. The democrats don’t know how to do anything but obstruct, they don’t have any ideas, except the green new deal which is crazy. They haven’t accomplished anything but stop anything being achieved, luckily President Trump has managed to get a lot done even though the dems have done all they can to stop any progress, by wasting taxpayer dollars on all these ridiculous attempts to derail president Trump.

  5. They have to promise their scum communist followers something because they know they’re going to lose in November. Might as well start now since the election s already lost.

  6. Al Green your days in Congress are numbered. The People of the United States of America may just file TREASON CHARGES AGAINST YOU. Are you ready for the Constitutional hammer to fall and either spend the rest of your life in Gitmo or be Hanged for TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES

  7. Let me ask – 1. How do those of us who realize what/who is truly trying and succeeding to destroy the American way of life to step up and start fighting back? 2. How do we get those across the country who want to fight back gather and make a bigger statement than those who want to destroy it? This madness needs to be stopped (peacefully of course)! By the time voting (November) happens, it may be too late. I’m open to lawful suggestions. The hate and continual attacks on our president on a daily basis needs to stop. My first step is to boycott any company and their products changing names or logos. They will no longer be purchased by me or appear in my home. Cave to those who want to destroy our constitutional and independence rights are not True Americans.

  8. Now this has been a preconceived action since about the first year Trump was in office, now it is a proven fact when the majority of Americans do not get what the vote for then that person has to pay, and history proves that point. Now no President ho lost the Popular vote has had an easy time in office and only Bush was saved from being a one term President by the Trade Towers horror.
    Now since the beginning of time those in America want change and eventually get it, that was why we as the USA became the Great country we are, not by reverting to old ways or staying stagnant, we moved and changed all the time up until we priced our self with increased wages right out to the manufacturing market, now the same thing happened to Europe between 1890 and 1930, industry moved from Europe to the USA mainly because we were the cheap labor, lots of industry and not much industry, then we started demanding higher wages until the Corporations could no longer afford to pay those wages to become competitive.


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