Texas A&M Mass Shooting Now ‘Just’ a Shooting… Here’s Why

This proves the media is biased.

Texas A&M Mass shooting

Over the weekend, a horrific “mass shooting” took place off the campus of Texas A&M University.

The party was a homecoming party, not sanctioned by the school, behind held at an off-campus location called the Party Venue.

When the story first broke, every network in existence touted the shooting as a “mass shooting,” which it was.

Two people were killed and more than a dozen people were injured.

The status of that shooting, however, changed when the shooter had been identified.

Only White People are Mass Shooters

The shooter, Brandon Ray Gonzales, is Hispanic, so virtually every media outlet stopped covering the story and those that did downgraded it to a “shooting.”

Considering the shooting took place at a venue holding 700 people and how much worse it could have been, you would think this would get national attention, right?

Well, since the shooter was not a Trump supporter, more importantly, since the shooter was not white, the media simply discarded it as being non-newsworthy.

Had this gone the opposite way and the shooter was a white conservative, how much attention do you think this story would have gotten?

What are the chances the “mass” label would have been dropped in news stories?

Let me take this a step further by stating the media is downgrading the story because of the victims as well.

This was a largely African American crowd and the one victim we know was an African American.

So, we have minorities killing minorities, which is eerily familiar to how the mass shootings in Chicago are always kept quiet.

The same thing happened in Dallas earlier this year when there was a mass shooting at a local playground.

You probably never even heard about it because it never made national news. It was just written off as another shooting by a minority against a minority.

So, please tell me, who is racist? Could it possibly be the media that is the worst racist in all of this for dramatizing white mass murderers and ignoring the same crimes that happen against our minority communities?

Creating Racial Divide

It is no secret the racial divide in this country right now rivals that of civil rights days.

Everyone wants to blame it on the bogus narrative of Trump and his supporters being racist, but that is not the case at all.

Donald Trump was NEVER accused of being a racist until he ran for President.

Hell, I have friends, or should I say ex-friends, who never considered me a racist until I started to openly support Trump.

I am no more a racist today than I was before Trump was elected, but that does not matter to liberals.

The media and Democrats are pushing this narrative and this particular shooting is absolute proof of that.

There is only one reason this mass shooting turned into a shooting that was suddenly only covered by local news and that is because the shooter was Hispanic.

You want to end the racial divide in this country? Just start treating every story fairly and tell the truth rather than looking for a spin to take down the president and his supporters.


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