Teens Selfie Catches Unbelievable Moment on Camera


A teen took a selfie. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, in this case, it revealed something pretty unbelievable to say the least…!

It was an incredible sequence, to say the least. There were three teens who were in the process of snapping a selfie at the exact moment that a bolt of lightning creased the sky and plunged down, hitting them in the process.

Rachel, Andrew, and Isobel Jobson had just spent an enjoyable afternoon riding bikes through the park when they decided to stop for a while under the nearest tree. After their break, they decided that they wanted to get a picture when the skies were opened up and it started raining fairly hard. Undaunted, they still wanted to take more pictures, and that is when their cell phone camera actually captured a horrifying split second where the lightning came down and instantaneously struck all three of them.

Isobel proceeded to tell the BBC of their amazing (and terrifying) experience: “That picture of us at the moment where the lightning strike happened was at 17:05, I took a picture of us smiling and we then wanted a sad picture in the rain. All of a sudden I was on the ground and couldn’t hear anything apart from this high-pitched buzzing. My whole right arm was numb and I couldn’t move it.”

“We were taking the picture with our phone and then the next thing, I was on the ground. I felt disjointed. My sister and I were screaming,” Rachel said. “I got burnt on my thigh and stomach and it left lightning-like marks behind on me and my sister. I couldn’t feel my arm.”

The three believe that one of the main reasons why this bolt of lightning may have struck them would be simply due to the fact that the first thing it probably hit was Rachel’s arm, which has a titanium plate that had been implanted due to a prior cycling accident.

Either way, I think I speak for everyone when I say that I am happy for everyone is safe and sound for the most part. That is definitely a story that they can tell their grandchildren for sure.