Thug Gets Smacked By KARMA Train After Threatening Young Mother

Angry Mom
Photo via Best Pepper Spray YouTube Video Screenshot

There was a time in this country when the younger generation just automatically respected our elders.

Today, that is far from the truth. That unwritten rule has gone by the wayside for the sake of retweets and likes on social media.

We found a video on YouTube that perfectly exemplifies this new trend of disrespect but when the culprit went too far, he got a dose of harsh reality.

The youngster can be seen arguing with an older woman, possibly his mother, and he was doing all kinds of disrespectful things to her. 

This teenager was not only getting in this woman’s face, but he was also pushing the woman and just generally being as abusive as he possibly could be. 

This woman did get the last laugh, however. 

All I have to say is apparently this teenager pushed the woman a bit more than he should have because he got an eyeful of pepper spray right in his face! 

This teenager was too busy grabbing his eyes and crying out in pain to be embarrassed, though. Of course, considering that this whole affair was caught on camera, he will definitely be embarrassed later on, that’s for sure. 

The clip has since been shared on Facebook and gained many different likes and shares, making our point from earlier that above all else, social media recognition is what is most important to this generation.

Thankfully, the great majority of people took the side of the mother, especially considering there were comments such as, “She wasn’t the one instigating, she was simply the one who warned him to back off…” 

Of course, this is what happens when we enable kids to be bullies, and this is the “self-esteem” movement run amok because apparently, bullies think pretty highly of themselves! Who would have thought, right?

Either way, one thing is for certain: this kid isn’t going to be harassing any of the other adults in his life anytime soon, that is for sure.


  1. I would have liked for her to kick him in the groin to make sure he has no children ever. We do not need another like him in this world. Good for this lady and she got him good. It will take him some time to live this down. I do suggest she take another train from now on. He will be looking for her. He looks to be that far out.


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