Teacher Fired for Outing Illegal Immigrant Problem at Texas School Finally Gets Justice

Georgia Clark
Photo via WFAA YouTube Video Screenshot

In May, Georgia Clark got fired for her job for a tweet she sent out to President Trump about the illegal immigrant problem at her school.

This week, Clark got some justice, as the school board was forced to reinstate her because the firing was apparently deemed a violation of her First Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech.

The Firing

Clark was let go after she sent out a series of tweets to President Trump.

Now, as you may recall, this time period was right when our border facilities were being overrun with illegals.

Massive groups of illegals, including caravans with thousands of illegals, were pummeling our southern border.

Clark, who was teaching at a Fort Worth, TX school at the time, was asking Trump for help to deal with her school having an abundance of illegal immigrant students.

In one of her tweets, she stated, “I do not know what to do. Anything you can do to remove the illegals from Fort Worth would be greatly appreciated.”

In another tweet, she wrote, “I need protection from recrimination should I report it to the authorities but do not know where to turn. I contacted the Texas Education Agency and then my teacher organization. 

“Texas will not protect whistleblowers. The Mexicans refuse to honor our flag.”

School Not Giving UP

Now, even though the ruling is forcing the school to reinstate Clark, the powers that be are not going to give up on removing her from the school.

A representative for the local school district, stated, “It appears the Commissioner ruled the way he did based on a technicality and we are exploring all of our options.

“We have not yet had a chance to review and analyze the entire decision.”

Funny, I don’t recall the Constitution ever being referred to as a “technicality” before.

No matter how many times I read stories like this, I remain amazed that Democrats and liberals continue to be more concerned about the welfare of illegal immigrants more than our own citizens and even our children.

As long as Democrats are in charge, this will continue to get worse, putting our entire country and current way of life in jeopardy.


  1. This teacher has MY RESPECT ! She saw a very serious problem, did NOT know how to deal with it, and asked our President for some help ! There is NO good reason for her being fired. She technically was a “Whistleblower”, and Texas does not appreciate Whistleblowers

  2. Those pieces of crap that is treating our citizens as they are over illegals are treasonous. The teacher is a good woman and experienced. The ones trying to get rid of her have an agenda and it is not pro USA. These illegals were sent here to overwhelm our citizen and get numbers enough to turn an election and take over our country that our founders fought and died for. Throw all of the illegals out of our country. Send them back to their own country to ruin all over again. Keep them out of here. WE OWE them NOTHING.


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