Tara Reade’s Attorney Fires a Kill Shot at Joe Biden that Just Echoed Through the Chambers of the DNC


The attorney for Tara Reade has Democrat Party wigging out. Unlike the manufactured progressive attempts to drag nonsense out of Brett Kavanaugh’s past, the sexual abuse charges against Joe Biden have substance. Douglas Wigdor rolled them up into a letter and fired it off in Joe Biden’s face. The latest reports say that Creepy Joe’s campaign is on life support and the shot could be fatal.

Reade’s attorney demands file search

According to the letter Douglas Wigdor sent out Monday, the attorney is demanding that the accused nominee “authorize a search of his Senate papers.” Contrary to network news reports which suggested otherwise, Reade claims she filed a report about the incident “around 1993.” Wigdor called for Biden to “immediately open up” his University of Delaware archives. He also needs to “authorize” a search for any records related to Reade.

When Joe Biden sexually assaulted Tara Reade in 1993, she filled out a “Request for counseling form,” which she needed because of the workplace harassment. Her lawyer is convinced that a copy of it should still be sitting in Biden’s official Senate records. They have been peacefully collecting dust for nearly 30 years in a storage room at the University.

Creepy Joe is dragging his feet

Biden is suddenly stonewalling. He went from apparently full cooperation to foot dragging. In a recent interview, Biden told MSNBC that he “would not authorize the release of his Senate records or allow them to be searched for mentions of Reade’s name. Looks like it’s time to call in the FBI if we are going to be fair to Brett Kavanaugh.

The Democrats are showing exactly how two-faced they are, because there isn’t any outrage in the press. During Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, they had the FBI doing forensic analysis on his high school yearbook. There wasn’t a single shred of hard evidence then but the progressives turned it into a world-wide catastrophe. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it’s crickets. Not if Reade’s attorney can help it.

CNN and all the other liberal outlets are giving Joe Biden a free pass. They’re perfectly willing to accept his explanation. Biden is afraid if the public gets to see his actual records they may get the wrong idea, by taking what’s in them “out of context.”

As Biden explains, while the media nods their head in silence, “The fact is that there’s a lot of things that — of speeches I have made, positions I have taken, interviews that I did overseas with people, all of those things relating to my job. And the idea that they would all be made public and the fact, while I was running for a public office, they could be really taken out of context.” Now we know what “pound me too” really stands for.

Nothing there anyway

The University swears to protect Biden, they won’t let the records loose until two-years after “Biden has retired from public life.” Biden says he doesn’t think there would be any records there anyway. Attorney Wigdor wants them to look anyway.

“The papers from my Senate years that I donated to the University of Delaware do not contain personnel files,” he insists. All he sent over were his “speeches, policy proposals, positions taken,” and the work related to the “writing of bills.”

When Reade asked for a copy, they told her to go fly a kite. Biden claims that he has asked the Senate secretary “to locate a possible harassment complaint filed by Reade” but that won’t turn up a request for counseling form. It doesn’t matter anyway because the Secretary told Biden to go fly a kite too. The “Secretary has no discretion to disclose any such information as requested in Vice President Biden’s letter of May 1.”

It’s no surprise

That’s not a surprise, Reade’s attorney writes. It’s “obvious” that Biden’s “belated request” would be denied out of hand. The former senator is well aware of the “antiquated and vague rules procedures.” Biden’s request was “disingenuous.”

The plan went like clockwork. “It is truly unfortunate that the Senate has chosen to rely (albeit incorrectly) on draconian confidentiality provisions enacted decades ago to conceal the truth,” attorney Wigdor penned to Biden. “the Senate’s position is particularly gratuitous.”

Douglas Wigdor isn’t some ambulance chasing shyster, he’s well known for big harassment and assault cases. Six of his clients had claims against Harvey Weinstein. He also represented “a number of Fox News employees.” Those were gender and racial discrimination cases.


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