Sworn Declaration of Eye Witness in Key Battleground State Sets Thing Ablaze

BATTLEground state voter fraud Nevada

A Nevada poll worker is coming forward to expose the voter fraud she witnessed on election day. The woman claims she saw people opening and filling out mail-in ballots at a Biden-Harris campaign van. Nevada is one of several battleground states where the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits contesting the race.

Voter fraud in Nevada

On election night Trump was off to a strong lead in several key battleground states. Then as the days went on, that lead narrowed until Biden surged ahead past the 270 electoral votes needed to win. Many on the Left claim these late night surges in votes came from the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots used in this election. That may be true, but were all those ballots legal?

Another whistle blower is stepping forward in Nevada.

The woman claims she saw Biden supporters tearing open piles of mail-in ballots and filling them out.

She witnessed the suspicious behavior in the parking lot of the polling station. “As I got closer, I thought, those are ballots,” she told reporters. “I walked by four or five times. On the next time I walked by, they were putting them in the envelopes. They were putting them in a white and pink envelope.” She also claims a “human wall” was formed to block people from watching.

The poll worker was scared to approach the group, but she did report what she saw and even signed a sworn affidavit which was submitted to the Justice Department. She also claims that voters were allowed to cast ballots without a valid identification.

Lawsuits in key battleground states

“A sworn declaration from an eyewitness is the literal definition of evidence,” a Trump campaign attorney said in a statement. “Those on the left and in other quarters that have been screaming that there’s no evidence will need new talkers and most importantly, will have to now focus on the legitimate issues that have been raised.”

You won’t see this story covered on mainstream media. In fact, if you try to share this information on Twitter you will get slapped with a misinformation warning. This looks like a cover up.

In August, the Nevada legislature voted to send out mail-in ballots to all 1.7 million of its registered voters. The Trump campaign was critical of the move, saying it would cause widespread voter fraud.

It seems they were right. One Nevada voter said she showed up to vote in person only to be told she had already voted by mail-in ballot. Another poll watcher in Nevada claims he was kicked out of a polling station on election night because he was a Trump supporter. Was Nevada stolen from Trump? Time will tell.


  1. Aw, anyone on the right will swear to anything, like their president, so affidavits are virtually worthless. Maybe they see UFO’s as well, but it won’t stand up in court. There is virtually no way Trump campaign can overturn the landslide results of November 3rd’s election results. Trump, the biggest baby in the country, is slowly grieving for his loss and even tweeted recognition of Joe Biden’s victory. Of course, to salve his ego, the Liar-in-Chief also condemned the voting for much fraud that’s yet to be proven in multiple course cases thrown out by judges, perhaps some of his own appointees. No, we have a new president, Donald, and you better give him daily briefing access so the nation remains free from foreign attack through January 20th, Biden’s first day.

  2. What would the Democrats be doing if the Republican campaigns had been doing what the Democrats have been doing in this election? Think about it.

  3. This whole election should be redone!

    I saw another report that showed Trump with I think it was 420 electoral votes.
    I am looking for more info on that. 420 for Trump seems much more reasonable.

    How can anyone still doubt the severe election fraud?

  4. The TRUTH won’t come out unless the Supreme Court does as they had to in the Gore/Bush election. That is put the TRUTH in their Decision paperwork. Gore was trying to steal his election by breaking Florida Law by hand picking the counties he wanted recounted leaving all others out. The RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps AKA the MORON MEDIA kept trying to blame Bush that is till the case hit the US Supreme Court. They put the TRUTH in their decision which shut the MORON MEDIA up but after the election the MORON MEDIA( those RECTUM SUCKERS) stopped trying to even pretend to be unbiased. We thought when FOX came on the scene we had someone in America’s corner but they have like social Media have become a part of the Moron media. I pray Trump takes every case to the US Supreme Court and the Cheaters all get stripped for life of their right to vote or hold any public office elected or appointed.


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