Meghan McCain Destroy’s Susan Rice Over Sketchy Obama Policies

Susan Rice

Former Obama NSA Susan Rice Exchanged Words With Meghan McCain On ‘The View’

Obama NSA Susan Rice appeared on ABC’s ‘The View’ on Wednesday to promote her new book. Her book, ‘Tough Love: My Story Of The Things Worth Fighting For’, dropped this week.

The View co-host Meghan McCain, didn’t waste any time engaging in a verbal sparring session with Rice. Syria was one of the issues that was raised with Rice. McCain asked Rice, ‘how does she feel comfortable criticizing President Trump on Syria, considering what President Obama did when Rice was in his administration?’.

The daughter of the late Arizona Senator John McCain, said “How do you criticize Trump’s hands off approach to the Middle East, when what Obama did was not much better.” McCain specifically pointed out Obama’s controversial decision to pull troops from Iraq.

John McCain had once claimed that because Obama refused to take action against Syria, this crossed his so called ‘red line’. The show’s panel embarked on the discussion as a result of Trump pulling troops from Syria, ahead of an invasion by Turkish troops.

Susan Rice Thinks Trumps Decision To Pull Troops Out Of Syria Is A Very Dangerous One

Rice questioned why Trump did what he did, calling it ‘super dangerous’. She also said, the Kurdish forces were abandoned, and left to fight for themselves. Rice said Trump has traded the U.S. National security, but she has no idea why, but she would like to know.

Susan also said it’s a very bad picture that Trump is sending to the world. The picture he’s painting, is that ‘on the flip of a coin he will just hang our allies out to dry’. As far as diplomacy, Rice said, “When the president wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, we’ll throw you under the bus”.

Rice was not finished criticizing Trump, she implied that by leaving the Kurds to deal with thousands of imprisoned ISIS terrorists, who would be released by Turkey is an impeachable offense.

Susan also stated the ‘Kurds will be backed against the wall as Turkey invades, and they will be forced to defend themselves’. The ISIS prisoners Rice says there as many as 10,000 of them. They will be released and be ‘an extreme threat’ to our allies in the Middle East’. Susan said any way you slice it, this is a powder keg that Trump has released’.

Rice Did Offer Some Praise To Trump For His Response To Syria’s Chemical Weapons Attack

Susan Rice praised Trump’s action of using U.S. Military strikes against Syria after their relentless chemical attacks. She defended Obama’s lukewarm response to the chemical attacks during his second term.

Rice told the ladies of ‘The View’ that during her tenure as the NSA she was the only person in the Obama Administration that was in favor of using force against Syria. Furthermore, she said that after being able to think about it, she was probably wrong to be in favor of it.

Susan also stated that President Obama’s take on the situation was to enhance diplomacy was the much better option vs force. Rice says she, and Obama went head to head on those decisions dealing with how to handle Syria. However at the end of the day, with diplomacy, Obama was able to get 1,300 metric tons of saran gas extracted from Syria.



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