Supreme Court Deals Democrats and Liberals a Crushing Blow

The Supreme Court
Photo Courtesy of Richard Gillin via Creative Commons License

Liberals want to make it almost an afterthought to have an abortion, something conservatives will fight with their last breath.

This week, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that is going to make liberals cringe, and having an abortion will surely no longer be an afterthought in the state of Kentucky.

The Ruling Stands

In 2017, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed a law that would require doctors performing an abortion to offer ultrasound images as well as the ability to hear the child’s heartbeat to the mother prior to performing the procedure.

The intent of the law was to give the mother one last chance to back out.

Hopefully, she would realize she was about to terminate a life and at least consider adoption rather than killing the unborn child.

The law was immediately challenged in the lower courts and not surprisingly, the legislation was defeated.

However, when the law went before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, the ruling was reversed.

The appeals court ruled 2-1, with Judge John K. Bush, who was appointed by Trump, writing the opinion.

He wrote, “As a First Amendment matter, there is nothing suspect with a State’s requiring a doctor, before performing an abortion, to make truthful, non-misleading factual disclosures, relevant to informed consent, even if those disclosures relate to unborn life and have the effect of persuading the patient not to have an abortion.”

He also wrote that since “there is no requirement that the patient view the images or listen to the doctor’s description,” this was not a violation of the Constitution. 

The last stand for the pro-choice advocates was the Supreme Court, but that day will not come, at least not with this panel.

The Supreme Court unanimously decided to NOT hear the case, meaning the appeals court decision will stand.

This is a massive blow for pro-choice advocates because there will more than likely be a flood of legislation mimicking the Kentucky legislation in other conservative states that do not already have something like this in place.

While Roe V. Wade will probably never be overturned, we are one step closer to abortions being an emergency measure rather than simply another form of contraceptive.