Stunning Admission Made by Appeals Court in Decision Against Trump

Angry Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of The White House via Creative Commons License

On Tuesday, President Trump lost yet another court battle, this one centering around his bank records from Capital One and Deutsche Bank.

We expected the decision to go against Trump and for the case to wind up before the Supreme Court.

What we did not expect, however, was for the appeals court to openly admit the corrupt reason behind the subpoenas in the first place.

The Case

The House Intelligence and Financial Services Committees have been after Trump’s bank statements from almost the very first day Trump took office.

When the initial subpoena was issued, the committees stated they needed to see Trump’s bank records to see if they needed to create legislation.

They were using the cover that with Trump’s business background, possible corruption could be in place, something they would be able to see if they could audit his bank records.

The real reason they wanted his records, though, was so they could try to embarrass Trump.

Democrats want to be able to say Trump is not as rich as he claims to be or that he did not donate enough to charity, etc.

In order to get dirt, any type of dirt they could use, they not only went after Trump’s bank records, but Democrats went after every business record and the bank records of every family member.

This was excessive, to say the least, which is why Trump took it to court.

The Judgment

The first part of the judgment that should bother every American stated, “The Committees’ interests in pursuing their constitutional legislative function is a far more significant public interest than whatever public interest inheres in avoiding the risk of a Chief Executive’s distraction arising from disclosure of documents reflecting his private financial transactions.”

Translation: Your privacy means nothing and when Congress wants something, we will give it to them.

Another piece of the ruling openly admits the same purpose I stated above…

“We do not doubt that some members of the Committees, even as they pursued investigations for valid legislative purposes, hoped that the results of their inquiries would embarrass the President.

“But as long as the valid legislative purposes that the Committees have identified are being pursued and are not artificial pretexts for ill-motivated maneuvers, the Committees have not exceeded their constitutional authority.”

The second part of that opinion was shredded in the dissenting opinion, which you can read in full (click here).

Judge Livingston, in her partial dissent, points out Democrats have not shown the legitimate need for legislation to this point, so there should not be any urgency to see Trump’s bank records, as Democrats claim in their lawsuit.

There is not a shred of evidence Trump took money from the Russians or members of any other government that would lead us to believe he is under someone’s thumb.

If they had that evidence, by all means, get his records, but they don’t, so, the initial decision should have been overturned.

The Trump administration has already stated it will take this to the Supreme Court.

Jay Sekulow, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, stated, “We believe the subpoena is invalid as issued. In light of the Second Circuit decision, we are evaluating our next options including seeking review at the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Based on the dissenting opinion, if the Supreme Court takes the case, it is a virtual certainty that at least five of the Justices will rule in Trump’s favor.

For now, though, it is quite obvious that along with our political system, the judiciary is also badly broken because political ideology and hatred of Trump have now saturated our legal system.


  1. Bullsh**, pure & simple. President Trump’s records are being pursued as an obsession while the fact that WE HAVE NEVER HAD A PAPER CERTIFIED BARACK OBAMA BIrth Certificate verified. We do know the one presented was a phony made up of 6 layers of other people’s Hawaii BC’s! We also k is that Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayres Mother told their mailman that they were supporting a foreign student & Barack told them mailman in an encounter that he came to thank they Ayres’ for their help with his education & also told him HE WAS GOING TO BE PRESIDENT! Mailman brought this forward when he saw Obama running for President and was shocked. I WANT THE BIRTH C ERTIFICATE proof her not a foreigner!

  2. Now one thing is exactly correct in this article the Judicial system has been corrupted and politicized, when you have to put a certain political side on the courts, then that takes away from the unbiased side the court is suppose to have, neither Conservative or Liberal. Decisions should only be made on prior decisions which have stood the test of time, unless it is proven that the law is biased in someway to infringe on the Constitutional rights of the people.

  3. The delusional democrats are trying to over throw our country and will use any way to do so . What gets me is that no one seems to care . They burn , loot and kill at will in their states ran by the delusional democrats . There trying to rig the same election they say trump is trying to . Why isn’t the army sent into them states and declare Marshall law . And put down this up rising in our country . A man’s business is his own business , not to be shown to all . Beside look at who’s pushing this crap . They have more to hide then trump does . It’s all about the corruption of the delusional democrats for more power . We should be singing death to the delusional democrats for their corruption

  4. As been our history, corruption is in all parts of government now, but not until those evil office holders have reason to fear for their lives they will continue to control/rule under bias and corruption,. The protesters are barking up the wrong trees and destroying themselves from within. Liberal, socialist and communists should not be allowed to teach our children or work in government offices which is why things are the way they are today.


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