Stolen 18 Wheeler Big Rig Police Chase Caught on Cams [WATCH]

Stolen 18 Wheeler Big Rig Police Chase Caught on Cams

Police were led on a slow-speed, hours-long chase, pursuing a stolen 18 wheeler through the Los Angeles area.

The tractor trailer was allegedly stolen from the parking lot of the distribution company Individual FoodService in Bell, California, in the eastern part of Los Angeles County at around 8 p.m Pacific Time.

California Highway Patrol officers were tasked with following the stolen 18 wheeler on the ground as well as in the air via helicopter.

Officers also utilized at least 9 spike strips to try to stop the vehicle, successfully blowing out two wheels and throwing sparks. Despite this, the stolen vehicle continued to drive, leading the police northwest into Ventura County and then back into Los Angeles County.

In videos of the chase, the 18 wheeler can be seen still driving even with the front two tires completely blown out.

ABC7 reports: “At least nine spike strips were deployed during the chase, but the suspect kept driving despite several of the big rig’s tires being completely shredded.”


The pursuit spanned several freeways, including Interstate 5, Highway 118, and Highway 101, according to reporting from FOX 11 and KABC-TV in Los Angeles.

News helicopters attempted to follow the chase, but were obscured by thick fog and were unable to continue covering the pursuit.

Pursuit of the stolen vehicle continued into the morning, where the 18 wheeler finally stopped on Highway 55 in Santa Ana. Even after the vehicle was stopped, the driver refused to get out, leading to a standoff.


After tying up the morning drive for many frustrated Californians, the driver of the stolen vehicle surrendered at around 8:30 a.m. and was arrested.

Police have identified the driver as Los Angeles resident Bryan Santana, 22.