Steve Scalise Drops Bombshell Election Announcement…Stops Dems Right in Their Tracks

Scalise Trump Election Biden 2020

The election isn’t over yet, despite the mainstream media calling the race for Joe Biden. Congressman Steve Scalise is speaking out in support of President Trump and his supporters, saying there are still votes being counted and court cases pending. Buckle up patriots. America is in for a wild ride the next few months.

MSM backs Biden

From the very beginning, the mainstream media pundits were eager to call the race for Joe Biden. Sadly, the list of talking heads include some of President Trump’s supposed allies on the Right.

Fox News began calling states for Biden very early on in the race but hesitated to call states for Trump where he held the lead.

Then mysteriously that lead narrowed as the days went on and Biden sneaked ahead just as the final votes were being tallied. Notable examples were Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Trump Biden Voter Fraud ELECTION 2020

Reports of voter fraud are pouring in from all over the country. Hundreds of dead people voting in Michigan. Ballots being invalidated in Arizona. Poll watchers being denied access to polling stations in Pennsylvania.

A voting machine “software glitch” that gave thousands of Trump votes to Biden. Trump is challenging the election results in court. This is far from over, but the Washington establishment politicians, big-tech and mainstream media are already telling the public that Trump is out the door.


Election still undecided

Some Republicans are speaking out on the apparent election fraud. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana was the first Republican Congressional leader to set the record straight.

“The election isn’t over until all legal votes are counted and certified,” Scalise posted to his Twitter on Saturday. “There are still serious legal challenges that have been made, and until that process is resolved, the election is not final. The American people deserve a fair and transparent process.”

Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio called the Democrats out on their hypocrisy. “Democrats in 2016: Russia interfered in the election. We will not accept the integrity of the results! Democrats in 2020:

How dare you raise questions about election integrity!” Newt Gingrich is another Republican standing behind President Trump 100%. He said there is clear evidence of voter fraud and the mainstream media is undermining our election process by pushing their chosen candidate on the American people.


  1. Either STOP THE STEAL, recount ONLY ‘legal’ voter ballots OR add a ‘HAMMER & SICKLE’ to old glory because THIS is NOT America … land of the FREE‼️

  2. I’ll wait to see Trump prevail. The Democrats are devious and will do and say anything to make Trump be gone.
    We want Trump.

  3. I still support President Trump, the Democrats stole the election. “WE the PEOPLE” know better, we saw the crowds we felt the love, the Democrats knew Trump would bring us all together, now the country is more divided than ever!! Joe will not be in charge, Nancy & Kamala will be. I only pray Trump can fix the MESS THEY will make!!

  4. Massive fraud, but the lack of indictments for comey, rice, obama, clinton, brennan, clapper, mccabe and many others makes sense now. They knew the plan to stuff the ballot box and then all criminal charges goes away of course that demands a effort that FBI, CIA and DOJ all play along, which……

  5. Glitch my ass, its called “The Hammer” and was contrived at the order of Obama by the CIA to alter elections. There is a big surprise . So now these scumbags counting and changing votes are still at it, and getting rid of the evidence. Send an letter email to the SCOTUS asking them to hear these law suits. Send money to Georgia to keep these Senate seats. Soros is putting2 billion into Georgia to steal those seats. Just like he dis in PA, Mi., and every other state. He bought Sec of States, D.A.s Gov and Senate , House seats He is the devils’ spawn.


  7. DemoEvilCrats are pure evil all Americans whom want fair elections should be upset 😠 that America is not Venezuela or any other sh&& hole 🕳 nation. I can lose fairly it stinks but losing by the other side cheating hell no.

  8. How about the DEATH PENALTY for ELECTION FRAUD?

    Not the average joe(sephiine) that operates alone with her own ballot, but the PURVEYORS OF MASS FRAUD

    Over , say 50, illegal vote tampering, gets a trial, ONE appeal, and the sentence carried out within 6 months!

    Below that the FINES start at $10K and 1 year in prison, 20K and 2 years, $50K and 10 years, LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP AND MONITORED ALL DAY EVERYDAY UNTIL THEY DIE.

  9. No, media were NOT eager to call the election for Biden. In fact I was exasperated till the Associated Press finally saw what I did, the mathematical trending of mail-in ballots increasing Biden’s leaders in several states, enough to give him an easy 270 points, the minimum for winning the presidency. I don’t ever watch Fox (comedy) News so I don’t know what they were calling. But nobody was believing, or calling a Biden win from Wednesday through Friday as I watched, and calculated Biden winning eventually in AZ, GA, NV and PA. A miss is as good as a mile, so all the legal filings and media sandbagging won’t dislodge Biden, no matter how you squint at the numbers, or yell at the TV results still being posted, or wish your loser could slip ahead by some means, hook or crook. It’s a general deficiency in the population–recorders, editors, talking heads and politicians–little math ability. But this reporter, editor, researcher, math and computer teacher saw the handwriting on the wall early. G’bye, Donald; sorry to say it was not nice knowing you.

  10. The Democrats are following their father’s lead, Satan. Jesus said, “That Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy, and that Satan is a liar from the beginning and the father of all lies.”

  11. Can the 25th Amendment come into play here? I know the Raskin’s bill hasn’t become part of law yet, but I’m unclear as to the usage of the amendment if no President is officially declared winner (after all states have certified their votes) by January 20, 2021. CAN the House then proceed with declaring a President? Or not?

  12. if biden wins, I’m done…I will never vote again (except for Trump)…the demoncraps cheat too much and I feel like my vote is null and void…F**K THIS S**T

  13. Fox news is done. Thank you Mr. Gingrich, The fight and the prayers will continue for our current and next president of the USA ….. President Donald John Trump.

  14. I keep hearing, in my head, San Fran Nan crying about the need for her to save and defend our Constitution from that nasty orange man, Donald Trump. Well, her work is done-she saved it by burning it to the ground. If one is to have a government guided by a Constitution, the first requirement is to have the people select their leadership (president) with their vote. On November 3 that notion died a horrible death-the elites decided that we deplorables could not be trusted to elect the right leader, so they interposed their preferences in place of ours. Poof-the Constitution is gone, the democracy is gone and the country is gone. These elites think we will accept their destruction of the country which has been the beacon on the hill for 250 years and allow a tyrant to provide our leadership. Many of them think that not allowing citizens to complain will make the problem go away-the elites, as usual, are dead wrong.

  15. I am actually starting to think that PRESIDENT TRUMP may have actually won in a landslide. His popular vote total is up another million votes at 71,044,590, which is about 2 million over 2016. Keep in mind that aside from the illegal fake BIDEN ballots that they printed up and filled in outside polling locations, etc, there were an awful lot of Legal Trump ballots that were destroyed or discarded by criminal poll workers. After they weed out the fake bogus Biden ballots, his totals will drop like a rock unless you really believe that he got over 100% of the total adult vote (including Trumps legal ballots) in the fife questionable states. Saddam Hussein and Maduro couldn’t pull that off but Biden did. Look it up. It only gets better as more information surfaces.

  16. United Banana Republic of America run by Bejing Joe and Kamala Hoe Harris. PUKE,hear that flushing sound? It’s our country going down the tubes.

  17. We all knew this would happen, Pelosi said no matter what the count would be, Biden would win. It is time for A/G Barr to get to work. Biden did not crawl out of his cage until the very last days before the election. This was
    not an election, but a selection made by the vile media. China, Iran, Soros and the Socialist dem party!

  18. I think the rotten media should be charged with Election INTERFERENCE and told to stop the lies and corruption. I believe CNN has a new name “CHINESE NATIONAL NEWS and everyone should TURN these scumbags OFF!

  19. The MORON MEDIA being the the RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps they will do as their masters decree. They say nothing about all the Trump ballots that got dumped by Postal workers and the Pedo Joe votes that magically appeared. They say NOTHING about how thousands of votes appeared out of nowhere and all for Pedo Joe alone not one single Trump vote in the lot. They said there was no FRAUD yet just before Election Day they catch Democraps trying to register dead people. So I will NEVER trust the MORON MEDIA and SADLY that now includes FOX.

  20. The MORON MEDIA AKA RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps won’t do anything unless their PUPPET MASTERS say to do it. They stopped hiding their BIAS when Gore lost to Bush. By the time Obozo came along the MORON MEDIA was in RECTUM SUCKING mode and totally WORTHLESS to America.


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