Steve Bannons ‘Fight for Trump’ Speech Will Give You Chills [Video]

President Trump stop the steal rally voter fraud election 2020

Former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon released a powerful video called “Fight for Trump!” The video includes footage from the D-Day invasion of Normandy mixed with Steve Bannon’s epic War Room speech on saving America. The speech was from November 5th as Democrats were still in backrooms manufacturing votes for Joe Biden.

Fight for Trump! Stop the steal!

Our forefathers understood sacrifice. They understood righteousness, honesty and integrity. America is at a crossroads. Will the people choose freedom and the right to free and fair elections? Or will this be the end of the American dream for future generations?

“We’ve got this. Everybody take a deep breathe. Say a prayer. Commit yourself,” Bannon’s voice is heard over the dramatic footage of the D-Day invasion. “Commit to the process. Trust the process. Because we’ve won. The President’s won re-election. He won it with an overwhelming majority. We’re not going to allow all this nonsense go on. We held the Senate. Added to the House. Added to state legislatures. They got crushed!”

Democrats brazen attempt to steal the White House

“We have an obligation to those who came before us. You’re just here for a short period of time on earth. Make it better for future generations. Respect your obligations to those who came before you. Your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents. They gifted you the greatest nation of all time.”

“All of you who voted on November 3rd. You have a moral obligation, a direct connection to those young men who died in Normandy. They knew they were going to certain death. And the only way to get through it is to push ourselves through. That is the kind of commitment you have to have. Stop being scared. Stop being nervous. Stop it. We got this! The only way they can take it is if we give it to them. If you allow that to happen, I want you to explain that to the first wave of young men who died in Normandy.”


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