Woman Uses Steak Knives to Hack Moms Head Off After She Does THIS


When you think about someone who uses steak knives regularly, you probably think that they are a whiz in the kitchen. Unfortunately, in this particular incident that wasn’t the case. A Kansas woman recently received a life sentence due to her using steak knives to hack her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s head off. She used two large steak knives for this grisly deed, and then she left the woman’s head in her kitchen sink. 

Rachael Hilyard is a Wichita woman who has been sentenced by the courts to this life term because she killed and dismembered Micki Davis, 63. The courts determined that this grotesque homicide was premeditated as well. 

The sentencing stems from an April 9, 2017 incident where the homicide victim went to the ex-girlfriend’s house after she had broken up with the woman’s son. Micki Davis was with her nine-year-old grandson, and after the verbal confrontation started he ran for help. Unfortunately, Davis was decapitated while the grandson was gone. 

After the authorities arrived, they immediately discovered that the victim’s headless body was lying in a pool of blood in the garage. The head was still in the kitchen sink while the police were clearing the crime scene. 

Members of the Davis family either attended the hearing in person or via Zoom call. Hilyard apologized for her barbaric actions, saying she felt regret for using the steak knife on the woman and that the death penalty was “too good for her.”

Jeremy Rush was with Davis when the incident happened. “Mom said that hate is the worst thing to say to anyone,” he said. “Mom would scold me for saying it.” Still, Jeremy expressed a lot of anger and naturally he was having a difficult time containing it. 

On the other hand, Jacona Gillespie is the daughter of Hilyard, and she had some terrible things to say about the victim as well. She called the victim “a monster, and someone who terrified her son and her entire family.” However, she also admitted that the beheading with steak knives was a very selfish act. 


Defense attorneys for Hilyard tried to bring up that she had recently suffered a head injury, but Judge Bruce Brown said that her mental state did not absolve her. 

Hilyard was ultimately found guilty of the crime last February, and she was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 50 years. What do YOU think of a woman such as Rachael Hilyard, who uses steak knives to do such a monstrous deed? Feel free to share your comments below!


  1. They should have never closed the insane asylums, at the least keep one open for people like her.
    They do not teach love and compassion in schools anymore, just hate and this is the result. We need to bring God back into our education system. You would see these incidents drop like a rock.


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