Standoff With Police Officers as 20 People Taken Hostage, Explosives and Heavily Armed Ex-Con

Marines conduct hostage scenario training aboard Laurel Bay Feb. 4. Each section had a specific role to play in the field. The Special Response Team physically responded to the situation utilizing their personal protective equipment and tactics. The Marines are with the Provost Marshal’s Office aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Jonah Lovy/Released)

An ex-con heavily armed with guns and various explosives took control of a bus in Ukraine where he held 20 people hostage during a lengthy standoff with police. 

On Tuesday, 44-year-old Maksym Kryvosh made threats to blow up the bus using a bomb, Reuters reported.

Police Descend on Chaotic Scene

Police descended on the scene after the man himself called them. According to the National Police of Ukraine, he then proceeded to throw a grenade at officers which did not detonate.

“The attacker threw a grenade from the bus, which, fortunately, did not detonate,” a statement said.

“Shots were heard, the bus was damaged,” Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy wrote on Facebook. “Every effort is being made to resolve the situation without casualties. I keep the course of events under personal control.”

Social Media Paints Ex-Con’s Terrorist Scene

Photos uploaded to social media gave a look into the scene, which showed a small bus in the middle of an empty street with its windows smashed. TV video footage revealed empty streets surrounded by military members and police cars.

The man posted on Twitter and called himself Maksym Plokhoy, which translates as “Maksym the Bad One.” The gunman’s Twitter account has been taken down.

As for the reasoning and demands behind the terrorist attack, it is still rather unknown.

Police Unsure of Gunman’s Motives

According to NBC News, Viktor Kroshko, head of the Volyn Oblast Police Department, called the gunman’s demands “rather vague” and said, “He is generally unsatisfied with the political situation in the country.”

The man’s history includes two convictions for crimes: robbery, illegal arms handling and fraud, which led him to spend almost ten years in prison. It is reported that he has undergone psychiatric treatment.

Despite the intense ordeal, none of the hostages were hurt and all made it out alive.


  1. The nuts all come out at once when you give them the keys. You do not leave crazy people out on the streets but you lock them up and treat them. If you do not do this humane thing, they do crazy things. It is not racist to lock up crazy people. They need treatment and some need to be put in an asylum.


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