Squad Member Tlaib Blames Jersey City Shooting on White Supremacists, Then…

Photo Courtesy of MPAC National via Creative Commons License

Democrats these days look for reasons to create racial divide, but this time we caught one of them red-handed.

When it became clear of the motive behind the Jersey City anti-Semitic shooting, Rep. Tlaib (D-Mich) immediately jumped to the conclusion white supremacists were to blame.

When it was discovered the shooters were actually blacks that belonged to a racist extreme group, however, she quickly deleted the tweet as though it had never been made.

Luckily, her tweet had been screenshotted…

No Apologies

Making such a big mistake, you would think Tlaib would apologize for misleading people.

Instead, her office pointed to a more generic tweet she had put out…


To be clear, Tlaib should not be apologizing to white supremacists, because they are scum.

She should, however, be apologizing to the American people for making the accusation against the wrong group.

Furthermore, it would be nice to see a statement from her condemning this particular group for the obviously anti-Semitic attack.

Who Was Really Responsible for the Attack?

The attack was carried about by a man-woman team.

The two individuals, David Anderson and Francine Graham, reportedly have ties to the Black Hebrew Israelites (these ties are still being investigated).

This is an extremist group that views itself as the “chosen people.”

I have stated this before but I am going to say it again… if you want racism to end, all forms of hate must be treated equally.

You cannot have national outrage when a racist attack is committed against blacks or minorities then simply ignore attacks against whites and/or Jews.

Every Democrat in office should have been making a statement to decry this violence, but it was just business as usual.

When they all thought it was white supremacists, they were were furious. When the found out the shooters were black and possibly affiliated with an extremist group, they lost interest.

The details of the shooting had not changed, mind you, just the details of the shooters, proving once and for all Democrat outrage is not about the incident but ONLY about scoring political points and creating a racial divide in this country.