Smoking HOT Russian Model Tortured and Killed By Her Hitler Loving Ex-Boyfriend

Russian Model

Elizaveta Khlyupina was a woman who definitely had a lot going for her. She worked as a Russian model and she had a boyfriend of five years.

However, she reached a point of no return with her boyfriend and she decided that she was fed up with his abuse and so she dumped him. However, her possessive and jealous Hitler-loving ex-boyfriend had a few things to say about that, and it wasn’t good.

Needless to say, his actions after being dumped showed his true colors. He ended up handcuffing her, shooting her, and also killing her mother and nephew dead before he also turned the gun on himself. 

Elizaveta Khlyupina was only 23 years old when her ex-boyfriend committed this gruesome crime on her. This Hitler wannabe also murdered her mother, 52-year-old Svetlana Tivchenko, and her young four-year-old nephew. After a few emergency calls, the Moscow police broke into their flat in order to determine the scope of this personal disaster. 

The individual who committed this crime was Sevastyan Putintsev, 21, and he known as a being a very jealous man. However, that wasn’t the worst of it. Sevastyan also made quite a name for himself simply because he was known as a “Nazi Fanatic.” This selfish individual took his life after committing this terrible crime. 

According to initial reports, part-time model and aircraft design student Elizaveta was able to alert the authorities after she was shot for the first time. However, after she was shot in the ear her boyfriend fired again. 

The United Kingdom-based Sun Magazine also said that the faces of both the model and her mother were terribly wrecked by this lunatic’s gunshots. Not only that, but it appeared that both of them had been terrorized and tortured. Unfortunately, this man didn’t stop there. 

When the officers forced entry into the suspect’s apartment to further investigate his motives, they found an immense amount of swastikas, Adolf Hitler, and other memorabilia related to that terrible time period known as Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. 

The officers also found several photographs that made it highly evident that the suspect enjoyed wearing a Nazi uniform. There was evidence that he had went to meetings with other far left extremists as far away as Ukraine. 

Although the police officers did take note of the fact that the suspect did indeed have a license for the Saiga shotgun that he used in the massacre, they also noted that it was only a few days old, which definitely indicates evidence of premeditation. Moreover, they discovered that he had been convicted of theft a few years ago. 

To say that there was a great deal of bloodshed in the aftermath would be an understatement. There not only was two dead adults and one individual dead by suicide, but there also was a dead child, who had been called Matvey. He was the son’s of Elizaveta’s older sister and had been visiting his aunt with his grandmother. 

Elizaveta and the gunman had had a very stormy relationship, and she had dumped him after he had been conscripted into the Russian Army. He tried everything he could possibly think of to win her back, including visiting her window, bringing flowers, singing songs, and various other things, but all of this was of no use; Elizaveta simply did not want him back. 

“It was a few days and late in the evening,” one neighbor recounted, “that I think he was under her window and he was screaming that he was still in love with her. Liza just ignored him. She didn’t come out and she didn’t talk to him. I think she believed he was acting very strangely last night.” 

Apparently, this man was “jealous” because he thought that Liza was involved with someone else. 

University classmate Taras Fyodorov recalled Elizaveta as a “sweet, kind and beautiful person with such a nice character.” 

“I don’t understand why in the world anyone would want to harm her,” he told Moscow 24. 

The gunman’s father also attempted to defend him, calling him just an “average, good, ordinary guy.” 

This is a sad story to say the least. What do you think caused this to happen? What are you thoughts on this incident? Let us know! 



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