Sl*t Coup Plotter Lisa Page Does Online Rant, Quickly Gets Roasted By Everyone


It’s hard to believe that deep state adulteress Lisa Page left the Department of Injustice a full two-years ago, yet neither the coup plotter, nor any of her co-conspirators are in jail. She shamefully took to Twitter for an online rant celebrating the anniversary of her disgraced exit. It didn’t take long before she got roasted like the piece of meat she is.

Lisa Page says ‘so what’

Just because she was married to someone else, while she was stroking on Peter Strzok shouldn’t mean a thing. So what if Page and Strzok cooked up the infamous “insurance policy” of a plot to overthrow a sitting president. Does it really matter that they did this nasty deed in a three-way tryst with FBI second in command “Andy” McCabe? Should anyone care that they did it in the office of the Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Instigation?

“I’ve lived a thousand lives and yet, everything is immovably the same.” Most people believe it certainly feels that way. Especially after all she’s been through. She’s seems to be a tad touchy that everyone calls her the “insurance policy treason deep state traitorous slut coup plotter.” That’s mean, she insists, even if it is true. No doubt my haters wish it wasn’t so, but I do and I will and I am not going to stop.

It didn’t take long for the replies to roll in. “It’s not a matter of Hate,” one poster writes. “America is seeking Justice for the crimes you committed period. I wonder how you sleep at night after what you’ve done.” Another tapped out, “I don’t hate you but I’m certain the wives of the married FBI men that banged you do.” Not everyone was totally rude. Some expressed sadness. “You speak out because you’re embarrassed & this is your way of handling it, Lisa. It’s actually pretty sad. I hope you’re seeing a therapist. That’s what you really need.”

Her mouth was good for one thing useful

She may have stuck her foot in her mouth on Twitter but when she testified in closed door hearings she opened wide and sang like a canary. She didn’t hesitate to throw her lover under the bus at the very first opportunity. The former DOJ attorney turned out to be a goldmine of information. “She’s certainly more cooperative than Peter Strzok,” Iowa’s Steve King noted.

Lisa Page was so helpful that her lawyer couldn’t get to the microphone’s mute button fast enough. She spilled her guts anyway. Many of her answers “flatly contradicted the sworn testimony of her FBI lover, Peter Strzok.”


The “pieces of information” Page relayed to members of two House committees, “filled in some blanks along the way,” King was glad to see, “but we’ve got a huge jigsaw puzzle to put together.”


  1. I don’t hate Lisa Page. She’s not worth my time , attention or energy. I simply wish her mother had had an abortion!! Is it too late??!!

  2. She should still be in jail, it means nothing she spilled the beans because she did it to save herself and it did not erase what she did. Who the hell does she think she is and who gave her the right to just go ahead and destroy other people’s lives. Now it’s time for her to pay for that destroying.

  3. She’s a trapped Rat and probably on the verge of suicide. Let her handle it herself so the taxpayers don’t foot the bill for her demise.

  4. A sad chapter in our history. The FBI had sunken to a new low. The whole Obama administration had become an abomination, a bunch of treasonous SOBs that deserve a long term in the prison!

  5. Just a two bit tramp. You and your co lying sack of crap. You’ll always be know as the tramp who has no qualms of lying like its natural. Well, yes it is. She is a democrat.

  6. There’s a bunch of these people who deserve long prison sentences. I wonder how many of them will ever serve a day. Censures and a reprimand in their personnel file doesn’t cut it.


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