Shots Fired: Police Standoff Underway

Law enforcement arriving at the scene
Law enforcement arriving at the scene

Multiple law enforcement agencies are currently involved in a standoff, after several shots were fired at Newton County sheriff’s deputies.

Deputies from Newton County Sheriff’s Office, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, and Orange County Sheriff’s office are currently at the scene.

The incident began around 4 p.m. in the Gist Community of Newton County, where two brothers who were already familiar to officers reportedly got into an argument. Deputies on the scene said that one of the brothers fired a few rounds from his shotgun.

Reportedly, a tractor blocking the driveway of the home had been set on fire. Deputies are asking the fire department to avoid the area at the moment so as to not escalate the situation.

Newton County Sheriff Billy Rowles made a statement confirming that shots were fired at the deputies, but none of them were confirmed to be injured at the moment. There is an ambulance waiting at the scene.

The standoff is ongoing, and police at the scene have not released any more details about the shooters.

Previous Encounters at the Same Location

KJAS News has previously reported in December of 2019 and February of 2020 that deputies had dealt with a mentally disturbed man at the same location. One case involved the man setting his mother’s truck on fire, and in both cases the man was armed and fired shots at deputies.



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