Shocking Tale of Epstein’s Lover Confirmed By Legendary Medical Sleuth


Legendary medical sleuth Cyril Wecht recently confirmed what Karyna Shuliak told prosecutors. Accused pedophile Jeffery Epstein actually had an adult lover who considered herself his “girlfriend.” She was interviewed as soon as they learned she was the last one Epstein talked to before he was found dead in his cell. In April, the public learned that when she talked to him, nothing gave her “the impression” that Epstein “was suicidal.” She swears up and down Jeffrey Epstein didn’t hang himself. The real life Quincy agrees and has the shocking evidence to back it up.

World famous medical sleuth

Cyril Wecht is right at home with autopsies and he’s an expert on conspiracies too. Not just any coroner, Wecht is “a nationally recognized medical-legal consultant, author and expert on many of the highest-profile deaths in the past half-century.” Anyone who watched the 70’s TV show “Quincy” would recognize his style in a heartbeat – because the producers used Cyril Wecht as their model for the series.

Epstein’s brother hired Wecht  to verify the findings of the New York medical examiner, who ruled Epstein’s death a suicide. Netflix recently went live with an exclusive special “Filthy Rich.” In the documentary, Wecht shows evidence to support Karyna Shuliak’s opinion that he didn’t take his own life.

After finding “no evidence at all” indicating “Epstein had jumped or leaped from his bunk,” The super sleuth did find other clues. The hyoid bone in Epstein’s neck was broken in three places. “You do not get those three fractures with a suicidal hanging of someone leaning forward.” In other words, Epstein didn’t hang himself.

Wecht has “never seen such fractures in his history of doing autopsies.” It simply isn’t possible to fracture “the horn on the hyoid bone, and on the left and right sides of the thyroid cartilage” by leaning forward against a strip of bed sheet. If he would have jumped or fell, it would have caused other damage which wasn’t found.

The guards let him do it sleuth says

One thing that stands out like a neon sign to the experienced sleuth is that the guards went out of their way to let it happen. Dr. Wecht insists it “isn’t easy” to kill yourself in a jail cell  if the guards are doing their job. “If you take care of certain things with regard to clothing, bedding, make sure that nothing can be used as a makeshift ligature to be affixed to some part of the bunk bed or the steel bars of the jail, such people are limited to how they can commit suicide,” he explains.

A sample hyoid neck bone.

The “usual way” Wecht declares, “is not so easily done.” Because, “while you and your conscious mind want to kill yourself, your subconscious level says ‘no.’ The body will defend itself.” Right after Epstein’s corpse was found, Wecht suspected murder. “A victim can be suffocated or strangled, then posed for a hanging. I’ve had a few cases like that over the years,” he pointed out. He was confident back then that the experts in New York could tell the difference. After doing his own exam, he’s not so sure.

Wecht told reporters last August, “with who he is, what he is in jail for, and the people who have been named… this is a highly suspicious case.” Not only that, it creates problems “because of all the people involved.” Had he lived, we would have seen all kinds of things come out of the trial. “Now, with him gone, you can’t help but be suspicious.”

Epstein’s last words

Epstein talked to his girlfriend on the phone and their conversation may have been Epstein’s last words. The tapes were soon played by a New York Southern District federal prosecutor digging for clues. They contacted her, hoping she might be able to put what they were hearing “in context.”

Epstein’s was broken in three places.

Karyna Shuliak “was not under the impression Epstein was suicidal” when she hung up the phone that night. His lawyers were equally stunned when they heard about what happened. The legal team “did not see a despairing, despondent, suicidal person.” The expert medical sleuth agrees that they’re all probably right.

Ms. Shuliak wasn’t forthcoming about any “hidden meanings that could only be understood by the duo that had been together for four or five years,” as the prosecutors hoped. She insists that his death caught her as much by surprise as the rest of the world. She will probably be called to testify as a defendant herself, so she mostly kept her mouth shut.

Shuliak allegedly a criminal too

Just this past week, a Virgin Islands probate judge cleared the way for victims to proceed against the co-conspirators. As part of a recently approved settlement agreement creating a victim compensation fund, the judge reportedly signed off on a deal which does not prevent the victims from seeking justice from everyone involved. That means Ghislaine Maxwell on down the line.

Shuliak’s personal dental chair in Palm Beach.

Shuliak says she really was “in love” with Epstein. She spent part of the summer with him in Paris. They parted temporarily so Karyna could head back to her native country Belarus while he headed for New York. He was arrested as soon as he landed at Teterboro Airport.

Karyna Shuliak wasn’t an innocent underage child and happens to be a dentist. She was in her thirties the whole time Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were her playmates. Also, Shuliak legally married one of the underage girls, Jennifer Kalin. The dentist was fully licensed at the time, and kept a dental chair with all her tools in his Palm Beach mansion so, allegedly, she could do all the dental work anyone needed. You don’t have to be a super sleuth to see she’s in deep trouble.

Karyna Shuliak and Jennifer Kalin were legally married.


  1. When TF are the Frigging Lying, Crooked, Corrupt Politicians and Deep State Operatives (Gang) including Obama and Clinton going to be brought to “”JUSTICE”” for ALL their Wrong and Lawlessness Bullshit especially against a Dully Elected POTUS by ……..”””””””””THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,””””””” DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good Question Bill Senior . The only answer I can think is , do not hold your breath or plan any extended diets .I suspect Hilary and company , Obama , etc got their hands on John Gotti’s supply of Teflon . You remember him , the Teflon Don ? But it would be a sight to see .When one falls , the entire bunch will go down with them . Rats always turn on each other in their rush to survive .


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