Shocking Revelation About Trump Sends Democrats into a Tizzy

Shocking Revelation About Trump Sends Democrats into a Tizzy

A top conservative operative has dropped a shocking revelation about Donald Trump that is definitely going to drive the left crazy.

In an interview with Newsmax host John Bachman, Chairman of the American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp said that there is “buzz out there” around the idea that former President Donald Trump could be “crowned” speaker of the House if the GOP retakes the House of Representatives in 2022.

At the start of the interview, Bachman said he believes that “the road to 2022” begins in Ohio, where Trump is planning to hold his first post-presidential rally on June 26.

“I think the road to 2022 really starts in Columbus, Ohio, because we’re going to see one of the kind of the classic Trump rallies. I imagine there’s going to be a massive crowd there. Trump’s also going to go to Tampa, Florida, and the border,” the Newsmax host said.

Bachman then asked Schlapp if he’s excited for the return of MAGA rallies. Schlapp responded by making the bombshell Speaker of the House statement.



“His travel is coinciding with these different congressional races. There’s a lot of buzz out there that Donald Trump would even be potentially someone they crown as the speaker of the House if the Republicans get the majority back,” Schlapp said, cautioning that this isn’t a done deal.

“He’s going to be a big boost to the elephant’s chances to do that. I think there’s a high probability they take back the House. These rallies are going to be a real balm, a real sense of comfort for 75 million Americans who feel canceled, feel like he’s been canceled,” he continued.

“And so I feel like these rallies are going to have a tremendous injection of positive energy into our politics,” Schlapp added. “And Nancy Pelosi better beware, because they have embraced these radical concepts. It’s just not where America is.”

It’s obvious to everyone except the Democrats that their insanely radical policies are hurting the party’s chances of maintaining power. Joe Biden’s disapproval rating reflects this, as it jumped from 36 percent in late January to a record 43.4 percent as of June 16, according to RealClearPolitics.

Average Americans from both parties are raising concerns about inflation, higher taxes, the crisis at the southern border, and rampant crime.

There is also growing concern about Democrats’ adoption of nanny-state policies like the proposed menthol cigarette ban. Critics of the plan argue that it will lead to more law enforcement activities against blacks, and will just lead to an underground market for menthols.

Of all of these issues, Schlapp believes that illegal immigration is the one that will hurt the Democrats the most.

“This issue really impacts those who live around the border, especially in Texas, which has the biggest bulk of the border. And it affects minority communities. I think the idea of an orderly immigration, legal immigration system, is very popular with people who live in these border states and the minority communities around the border,” he said.

“I think what you’re going to see is a continual drive of people of color to the Republican Party because they’re for common sense ideas like an orderly immigration system, a closed border. They’re for families, they’re for small businesses, they’re for faith,” Schlapp added.

He’s right, as studies have shown that most Americans are not “progressives,” they’re closer to the center, meaning that they are less likely to support the left’s increasingly radical agenda.

“[T]he Democrat Party’s embrace of radicalism is not gonna work well with these voters. You’ll see our numbers go up in these communities,” Schlapp predicted.

Biden-regret is already popping up among more rational Democrats, and it’s only going to get worse. The left needs to take a few steps back if they want to keep winning elections. Of course, they are too busy listening to the radicals in their party to notice that they are losing the confidence of many of their voters.


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