Shocking Reports Show Tax Payers Have Been Funding Islamist Hate Group


A dark hate group, the Nation of Islam – an Islamist hate group – has been receiving money from the U.S. government for decades while Americans have been clueless to the endeavor.

Louis Farrakhan’s Mission Gets Stronger

Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam’s leader, has demonstrated hate, racism, and anti-Semitic agendas over his long-winded career of divisiveness.

The Muslim extremists have long attacked Jews and have referred to the Jewish people as “wicked Jews,” and made asinine accusations of them creating a “black African Holocaust” and of “sucking our blood.”

During one of his many ranting interviews, he said, “Hitler was a very great man.” The Islamist also has a strong distaste for white people, Christians and gays.

“The Nation of Islam believes that white people are unnatural lab creations, designed by an evil Black wizard, not by God. That is why they refer to white people as ‘blue-eyed devils’ and ‘white devil,'” Townhall reports.

One of their beliefs involves believing aliens will descend to earth and take them up in UFOs when an apocalypse occurs that will eradicate white people. Farrakhan’s views are similar to the very controversial Scientology religion.

Islamist Group Hates Whites and Jews

“All white people should flock to L. Ron Hubbard,” he said. He also declared white people should stop living as “a devil Christian” or “a satanic Jew.”

The radical Islamist was initially banned from the United Kingdom in 1986 and is still not allowed in today. However, the United States of America has ceased to tamper down his growing hate movement and has helped filter funds to the Nation of Islam.

The Chicago Tribune reports that since 1991, “Nation [of Islam] affiliated security firms have won more than $15 million in federal contracts to patrol housing developments in nine cities, including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.” In 1993, “Louis Farrakhan approved a deal that helped rescue Chicago Housing Authority Chairman Vince Lane from a personal financial disaster.”

Millions of Dollars Given to Vile Agendas

It was discovered by New York Republican Congressman Peter T. King, that the U.S. government was supplying the Islamist hate group with millions of dollars through a Department of Housing and Urban Development contract.

In 2002, Farrakhan’s “charity” started collecting federal aid. But according to Fox News, Farrahkan’s “program has no record of ever being a charity with the Illinois Attorney General Office, which oversees the state’s 501(c)(3) nonprofits.” And, while the farm is supposedly located in Georgia, the federal subsidies are received at Farrakhan’s Illinois home. And, Adam Andrzejewski, the founder of, questioned the taxpayer subsidy altogether – “Why is Farrakhan’s charity allowed to receive federal money? This is no longer about farm policy; it’s merely a transfer mechanism from one set of Americans who pay taxes to another set who know how to game the system.”

Americans Paying the Price for Islamist Hate Group

Conservative Americans are banned from various platforms every day for their pro-American beliefs. Yet, Farrakhan has received millions of dollars from the U.S. and continues to promote hate on social media.

The list of Farrakhan’s hateful agendas and schemes goes on and on. But one thing remains consistent; the U.S. government has and continues to fail in protecting innocent Americans from this Islamist hate group and their power is only growing stronger.


  1. Louis Farrakhan; Professional hater, bigot, crook, racebaiter and charlatan. There are enough of these guys around to form their own Union. Jackson, Sharpton and this one are just black, white collar crooks that use racebaiting as a lucrative scam.

  2. When will these dumb ass’s learn not to put any Muslim in any office in our country . It’s always the same damn thing . They give to the Muslims terrorists that want us dead . And still the dumb ass’s put them in places where they can Hurt us the most . How stupid are they ??? Get them all out of our country befor it’s to late . they will turn on us sooner or later , by fear or for money their just like the delusional democrats . they want our country like their 3rd world shit hole countrys where they can control us like sheep . just look at all the stupid white kids that Think their will make out by helping the terrorists in our country . Their to stupid to reality they are the enemy and in the end will be made slaves or killed off , Their not wanted or needed . Send them home on a one way boat , and send all the blacks that hate it here back to Africa so they can be free from the white man . Maybe they can fix Africa and help that country and the people living there . stop the stupid BS in my country .

  3. Louis Farrakhan has been a criminal SOB for a number of years and we have weasels in our government that need to be stomped out of existence. Farrakhan deserves everything that comes to him.


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