SHOCK Kevin McCarthy Report ROCKS Democrats

Kevin McCarthy
Photo via YouTube Video Screenshot

A new congressional poll has come out regarding the performance of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

The poll was rather interesting on several different levels.

I can tell you this… Democrats better be worried.

Much Better

McCarthy did not exactly have a lot of support for the speakership, but he held firm and ended up winning the gavel.

Since taking that gavel, he has faced resistance within his party, including having Republicans in the House bail on him during his recent budget negotiations with Joe Biden.

After literally laughing off the resistance because he knew he had enough support from Democrats to get it passed, I was shocked at the results of a recent poll among House staffers.

McCarthy still has an approval rating of 97 percent of the GOP House staffers, which is a bit of a surprise, but at worst, we would have expected that number to be in the low 90s.

What I found astonishing was the fact that McCarthy had 73 percent approval from Democrat staffers, who have viewed him as very effective since taking the gavel.

McCarthy responded, “I think a lot of you were beginning to not underestimate us when we had such a good victory last week.

“So, I think [the revolt] kind of helps lower [expectations] again, so you’ll underestimate us, so we’ll have more victories.

“So, in the end, when I look back, this may be a very big positive thing.”

That is not good news for Democrats or Joe Biden, as it would tend to point the finger at Biden for any roadblocks being faced with legislation right now.

It surely will not help Biden that he has vetoed several pieces of legislation that were passed through a divided Congress.